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  • Believing the unbelievable: the myth of Russians 'with snow on their boots' in the United Kingdom, 1914 

    Pennell, Catriona (Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 2015-05-01)
    In the opening months of the First World War, a rumour spread across the United Kingdom that Russian soldiers – identified by the ‘snow on their boots’ – had landed in Scotland en route to the Western Front. Despite being ...
  • Believing you can is the first step to achieving 

    Chodkiewicz, Alicia R; Boyle, Christopher (Jessica Kingsley, 2015-06-01)
    This easy-to-implement programme helps educational professionals to engage and motivate students aged 8-12 who are underachieving or have low self-belief. Based on techniques from CBT and AR, the workbook, games and ...
  • Belly Dance and Glocalisation: Constructing Gender in Egypt and on the Global Stage 

    McDonald, Caitlin (University of ExeterInstitute of Arab and Islamic StudiesSchool of Humanities and Social Sciences, 2010-04-15)
    This thesis is an ethnography of the global belly dance community with particular reference to the transmission of dance paradigms from Cairo to the international dance community. Key words describing my topic include ...
  • A BEMT model for a high solidity, hubless and ducted tidal stream turbine 

    Allsop, S; Peyrard, C; Thies, PR (Tidal Energy Research Group, 2016-03)
    A Blade Element Momentum Theory (BEMT) model for ‘conventional’ 3 bladed designs of Tidal Stream Turbine (TST) is presented, with validations from scale model experiments carried out in a cavitation tunnel. Assumptions and ...
  • Ben Cooper 

    Cooperative Wholesale Society (2009-11-10)
  • Ben Hur chariot race march 

    Paull (2009-11-10)
  • Ben-Hur 

    Readers Library Publishing Co. Ltd; Wallace (2009-11-10)
  • Ben-Hur 

    Readers Library Publishing Co. Ltd; Wallace (2009-11-10)
  • Ben-Hur board game 

    Bell (Toys & Games) Ltd. (2009-11-10)
  • Benchmarking and developing numerical Finite Element models of volcanic deformation 

    Hickey, J; Gottsmann, J (Elsevier, 2014-06)
    Volcanic deformation during an unrest episode can provide valuable insights into potential magmatic plumbing system dynamics. Paramount to this is a model linking the recorded ground movement to the causative source ...
  • Benchmarking energy consumption and CO2 emissions from rainwater harvesting systems: an improved method by proxy 

    Ward, Sarah; Butler, David; Memon, Fayyaz (IWA (International Water Association), 2010)
    Life cycle analyses (LCAs) show the main operational energy contribution for rainwater-harvesting (RWH) systems come from ultraviolet (UV) disinfection and pumping rainwater from tank to building. Simple methods of estimating ...
  • Benchmarking the Multi-dimensional Stellar Implicit Code MUSIC 

    Goffrey, T; Pratt, J; Viallet, M; Baraffe, I; Popov, MV; Walder, R; Folini, D; Geroux, C; Constantino, T (, 2016-10-31)
    We present the results of a numerical benchmark study for the MUlti-dimensional Stellar Implicit Code (MUSIC) based on widely applicable two- and three-dimensional compressible hydrodynamics problems relevant to stellar ...
  • Benchmarking the Performance of Homogenisation Algorithms on Daily Temperature Data 

    Killick, Rachel Elizabeth (University of ExeterMathematics, 2016-03-04)
    Reliable temperature time series are necessary to quantify how our world is changing. Unfortunately many non-climatic artefacts, known as inhomogeneities, affect these time series. When looking at real world data it is ...
  • Bending gender and acting theory: Performing essays by Goethe and Cocteau on the theatrical benefits of cross-dressing 

    Roesner, David (Intellect, 2006-08)
    In this article the author investigates Johann Wolfgang Goethe's and Jean Cocteau's strikingly interrelated essays on acts of female impersonation and the implications on theatre theory that both emphatically point out. ...
  • The Benefits and Challenges of Working with PGRs 

    Cole, Gareth; Evans, Jill; Lloyd-Jones, Hannah (University of Exeter, 2013-04-03)
    This presentation focuses on the benefits and challenges of Open Exeter's work with PGR students. It was presented at the JISC MRD programme workshop which took place in Aston on 25-26 March 2013.
  • The Benefits of a more Strategic Approach to Tax Administration and the Role of Performance Indicators 

    James, Simon; Svetalekth, Thamrongsak; Wright, Brian (University of Exeter, 2007)
    One way of improving the quality of tax administration might be to take a more strategic approach to tax reform as has already been suggested, for example, in the cases of tax simplification, compliance and taxpayers’ ...
  • The benefits of costly voting 

    Chakravarty, Surajeet; Kaplan, Todd R.; Myles, Gareth D. (University of Exeter Business School, 2010-02)
    We present a costly voting model in which each voter has a private valuation for their preferred outcome of a vote. When there is a zero cost to voting, all voters vote and hence all values are counted equally regardless ...
  • The Benefits of Laser Scanning & 3D Modelling in Accident Investigation: In a Mining Context 

    Foster, P.J.; Jobling-Purser, J; Coggan, John; Eyre, Matthew (Maney on behalf of the Institute and The AusIMM, 2015-06-16)
    Accurate reconstruction of the facts and causes surrounding accidents is critical if the mining industry is to learn from incidents and prevent future events. Effective accident investigation and training are essential ...
  • Benefits of Open Access 

    Leonelli, Sabina (2012-10-22)
    This paper outlined the benefits of Open Access to researchers from a researcher's perspective.
  • The benefits, risks, and threats of biotechnology 

    Rappert, Brian (Beech Tree Publishing, 2008-02)
    This article considers how threats, risks, and benefits associated with research are defined in contemporary policy debates. Specifically, it examines what has become known as the ‘dual-use potential’ of life science ...