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  • Becoming Gentlemen: Women Writers, Masculinity, and War, 1778-1818. 

    Woodworth, Megan Amanda (University of ExeterEnglish, 2008-06-25)
    In Letters to a Young Man (1801) Jane West states that “no character is so difficult to invent or support as that of a gentleman” (74). The invention of that character, determining what qualities, qualifications, and ...
  • Becoming the leader: Leadership as material presence 

    Ford, J; Harding, N; Richardson, S (SAGE Publications, 2017-01-28)
    This paper seeks to understand leaders as material presences. Leadership theory has traditionally explored leaders as sites of disembodied traits, characteristics and abilities. Our qualitative, mixed method study ...
  • Becoming-Witch: Narrating witchcraft in early modern English news pamphlets 

    Gibson, MH (University of Pennsylvania Press (Penn Press), 2018)
    The texts that are the focus of this paper were published in the Elizabethan and Jacobean period in London, specifically in 1582 and 1612. They come from a tradition of publishing in print and for sale court documents from ...
  • BedMachine v3: Complete Bed Topography and Ocean Bathymetry Mapping of Greenland From Multibeam Echo Sounding Combined With Mass Conservation 

    Morlighem, M; Williams, CN; Rignot, E; An, L; Arndt, JE; Bamber, JL; Catania, G; Chauché, N; Dowdeswell, JA; Dorschel, B; Fenty, I; Hogan, K; Howat, I; Hubbard, A; Jakobsson, M; Jordan, TM; Kjeldsen, KK; Millan, R; Mayer, L; Mouginot, J; Noël, BPY; O'Cofaigh, C; Palmer, S; Rysgaard, S; Seroussi, H; Siegert, MJ; Slabon, P; Straneo, F; van den Broeke, MR; Weinrebe, W; Wood, M; Zinglersen, KB (American Geophysical Union (AGU) / Wiley, 2017-09-18)
    Greenland's bed topography is a primary control on ice flow, grounding line migration, calving dynamics, and subglacial drainage. Moreover, fjord bathymetry regulates the penetration of warm Atlantic water (AW) that rapidly ...
  • Beds 

    Farrar and Rinehart Incorporated; Marx (2009-11-10)
  • The Bee Microbiome: Impact on Bee Health and Model for Evolution and Ecology of Host-Microbe Interactions. 

    Engel, P; Kwong, WK; McFrederick, Q; Anderson, KE; Barribeau, SM; Chandler, JA; Cornman, RS; Dainat, J; de Miranda, JR; Doublet, V; Emery, O; Evans, JD; Farinelli, L; Flenniken, ML; Granberg, F; Grasis, JA; Gauthier, L; Hayer, J; Koch, H; Kocher, S; Martinson, VG; Moran, N; Munoz-Torres, M; Newton, I; Paxton, RJ; Powell, E; Sadd, BM; Schmid-Hempel, P; Schmid-Hempel, R; Song, SJ; Schwarz, RS; vanEngelsdorp, D; Dainat, B (American Society for Microbiology, 2016-04-26)
    As pollinators, bees are cornerstones for terrestrial ecosystem stability and key components in agricultural productivity. All animals, including bees, are associated with a diverse community of microbes, commonly referred ...
  • BEEHAVE: A systems model of honeybee colony dynamics and foraging to explore multifactorial causes of colony failure 

    Becher, MA; Grimm, V; Thorbek, P; Horn, J; Kennedy, PJ; Osborne, JL (Wiley, 2014-03-04)
    Summary: A notable increase in failure of managed European honeybee Apis mellifera L. colonies has been reported in various regions in recent years. Although the underlying causes remain unclear, it is likely that a ...
  • Beer mat advertising 'Mildred Pierce' 

    British Film Institute; Crawford, Joan (2009-11-10)
  • Bees associate colour cues with differences in pollen rewards 

    Nicholls, E; de Ibarra, NH (Company of Biologists, 2014-07-30)
    In contrast to the wealth of knowledge concerning sucrose-rewarded learning, the question of whether bees learn when they collect pollen from flowers has been little addressed. The nutritional value of pollen varies ...
  • BEESCOUT: A model of bee scouting behaviour and a software tool for characterizing nectar/pollen landscapes for BEEHAVE. 

    Becher, MA; Grimm, V; Knapp, J; Horn, J; Twiston-Davies, G; Osborne, JL (Elsevier, 2016-09-16)
    Social bees are central place foragers collecting floral resources from the surrounding landscape, but little is known about the probability of a scouting bee finding a particular flower patch. We therefore developed a ...
  • Beetroot juice ingestion during prolonged moderate-intensity exercise attenuates progressive rise in O2 uptake 

    Tan, R; Wylie, LJ; Thompson, C; Blackwell, JR; Bailey, SJ; Vanhatalo, A; Jones, AM (American Physiological Society, 2018-01-04)
    Nitrate-rich beetroot juice (BR) supplementation increases biomarkers of nitric oxide bioavailability with implications for the physiological responses to exercise. We hypothesized that BR supplementation before and during ...
  • Beggars of life 

    The London Book Co. Ltd; Tully (2009-11-10)
  • Beggars of life 

    The London Book Co. Ltd; Tully (2009-11-10)
  • Begriff und Wahrnehmung von Atmosphären 

    Hauskeller, Michael (Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin, 2015)
    Atmosphären sind überall. Wo auch immer wir sind, wie auch immer der Raum geartet ist, in dem wir uns befinden, ob in natürlicher oder künstlicher, vom Menschen gestalteter Umgebung, irgendeine Atmosphäre herrscht darin.
  • Behavioral evidence suggests facultative scavenging by a marine apex predator during a food pulse 

    Hammerschlag, N; Bell, I; Fitzpatrick, R; Gallagher, AJ; Hawkes, LA; Meekan, MG; Stevens, JD; Thums, M; Witt, MJ; Barnett, A (Springer Verlag, 2016-08-08)
    The ability of predators to switch between hunting and scavenging (facultative scavenging) carries both short-term survival and long-term fitness advantages. However, the mechanistic basis for facultative scavenging remains ...
  • Behavioral flexibility vs. rules of thumb: how do grey squirrels deal with conflicting risks? 

    Leaver, LA; Jayne, K; Lea, SEG (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2016-09-21)
    In order to test how flexibly animals are able to behave when making trade-offs that involve assessing constantly changing risks, we examined whether wild Eastern grey squirrels showed flexibility of behavioral responses ...
  • Behavioral plasticity and G × E of reproductive tactics in Nicrophorus vespilloides burying beetles 

    Carter, Mauricio J.; Head, ML; Moore, AJ; Royle, NJ (Wiley / Society for the Study of Evolution, 2015-03-10)
    Phenotypic plasticity is important in the evolution of traits and facilitates adaptation to rapid environmental changes. However, variation in plasticity at the individual level, and the heritable basis underlying this ...
  • Behavioral realizations using companion matrices and the smith form 

    Hughes, TH (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2016-01-01)
    Classical procedures for the realization of transfer functions are unable to represent uncontrollable behaviors. In this paper, we use companion matrices and the Smith form to derive explicit observable realizations for a ...
  • Behaviorally informed policies for household financial decisionmaking 

    Madrian, BC; Hershfield, HE; Sussman, AB; Bhargava, S; Burke, J; Huettel, SA; Jamison, J; Johnson, EJ; Lynch, JG; Meier, S; Rick, S; Shu, SB (Behavioral Science & Policy Association, 2017)
    Low incomes, limited financial literacy, fraud, and deception are just a few of the many intractable economic and social factors that contribute to the financial difficulties that households face today. Addressing these ...
  • Behaviour and Endocrinology of Meerkats in Zoos 

    Scott, Katy (University of ExeterCentre for Ecology and Conservation, 2014-05-30)
    Zoo-based research is important both to inform management decisions on captive animals and because zoos, at their best, provide a naturalistic environment, which it is possible to manipulate, in which scientific research ...