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  • British Radio Dramaturgy and the Effects of the New Conservatism 

    Stanton, William (Cambridge University Press, 2004-02)
    This essay, which is informed by the author's own practice as a playwright working in the medium of radio drama, looks at some effects of the enforced merger of radio with TV drama to create a ‘bi-media’ department at the ...
  • British Settler Emigration in Print: Mainstream Models and Counter-Currents, 1832-1877 

    Piesse, Judith Isabel (University of ExeterEnglish, 2012-11-12)
    During the nineteenth century an unprecedented number of emigrants left Britain, primarily for America, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Recent historical scholarship has argued that these predominantly Victorian mass ...
  • British Situation Comedy and "The Culture of the New Capitalism" 

    Wickham, Philip John (University of ExeterEnglish, 2013-01-28)
    This study examines British television situation comedy over the last fifteen years and analyses the genre as part of a discourse about the nature of modernity. In this period globalisation, technology and the rapid ...
  • British Society and the Jews: A Study into the Impact of the Second World War Era and the Establishment of Israel, 1938-1948. 

    Burkitt, Nicholas Mark (University of ExeterHistory, 2011-09-30)
    The thesis examines the relationship between Britain’s Jews, both established and refugee, with the host community from 1938 to 1948. The relationship is studied in the light of events in Europe and the Near East from the ...
  • A broad distribution of the alternative oxidase in microsporidian parasites 

    Williams, BAP; Elliot, C; Burri, L; Kido, Y; Kita, K; Moore, AL; Keeling, PJ (Public Library of Science, 2010)
    Microsporidia are a group of obligate intracellular parasitic eukaryotes that were considered to be amitochondriate until the recent discovery of highly reduced mitochondrial organelles called mitosomes. Analysis of the ...
  • Broad Down, Devon: archaeological and other stories 

    Harvey, David (Sage, 2010)
    This article explores the knowledge construction process of an archaeological site in East Devon, UK. Bouncing off an oral historical account of the site that seems to run against scientific truth claims, the author ...
  • Broad range of 2050 warming from an observationally constrained large climate model ensemble 

    Rowlands, Daniel J.; Frame, David J.; Ackerley, Duncan; Aina, Tolu; Booth, Ben B.B.; Christensen, Carl; Collins, Matthew; Faull, Nicholas; Forest, Chris E.; Grandey, Benjamin S.; Gryspeerdt, Edward; Highwood, Eleanor J.; Ingram, William J.; Knight, Sylvia; Lopez, Ana; Massey, Neil; McNamara, Frances; Meinshausen, Nicolai; Piani, Claudio; Rosier, Suzanne M.; Sanderson, Benjamin M.; Smith, Leonard A.; Stone, Daithi A.; hurston, Milo; Yamazaki, Kuniko; Yamazak, Y. Hiro; Allen, Myles R. (Nature Publishing Group, 2012)
    Incomplete understanding of three aspects of the climate system—equilibrium climate sensitivity, rate of ocean heat uptake and historical aerosol forcing—and the physical processes underlying them lead to uncertainties in ...
  • Broad-band polarization conversion from a finite periodic structure in the microwave regime 

    Hallam, B. T.; Lawrence, Christopher R.; Hooper, Ian R.; Sambles, J. Roy (American Institute of Physics, 2004)
    A reflection grating demonstrating extraordinarily broad-band polarization conversion in a nondiffractive regime has been studied at microwave frequencies. This single-element structure has been fabricated by electrolessly ...
  • Broadband and broadangle extraordinary acoustic transmission through subwavelength apertures surrounded by fluids 

    Carretero-Palacios, S.; Murray, Alasdair R.J.; Martín-Moreno, L.; Hibbins, Alastair P. (IOP Publishing for Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft, 2014)
    We present a mechanism for ultra-broadband transmission of acoustic waves through subwavelength hole arrays. Different fluids surrounding (or filling) the holes are considered, which allows tuning of the band of maximum ...
  • Broadband and efficient plasmonic control in the near-infrared and visible via strong interference of surface plasmon polaritons 

    Gan, C.H.; Nash, Geoffrey R. (Optical Society of America, 2013)
    Broadband and tunable control of surface plasmon polaritons in the near-infrared and visible spectrum is demonstrated theoretically and numerically with a pair of phased nanoslits. We establish, with simulations supported ...
  • Broadband and low loss high refractive index metamaterials in the microwave regime 

    Campbell, T.; Hibbins, Alastair P.; Sambles, J. Roy; Hooper, Ian R. (American Institute of Physics, 2013)
    A broadband, low-loss, isotropic, high refractive index metamaterial comprising an array of close-packed cubic elements of cross-linked square metal plates is demonstrated in the microwave regime. The structuring of the ...
  • Broadband impedance-matched electromagnetic structured ferrite composite in the megahertz range 

    Parke, L.; Youngs, I.J.; Hibbins, Alastair P.; Sambles, J. Roy (American Institute of Physics (AIP), 2014)
    A high refractive-index structured ferrite composite is designed to experimentally demonstrate broadband impedance matching to free-space. It consists of an array of ferrite cubes that are anisotropically spaced, thereby ...
  • Broadcasting and the Cinema as Instruments of Education 

    National Union of Teachers; Grierson, John (2009-11-10)
  • Broadway 

    Readers Library Publishing Co. Ltd; Dunning (2009-11-10)
  • Broadway 

    Readers Library Publishing Co. Ltd; Dunning (2009-11-10)
  • The Broadway Glide 

    Brown, A. Seymour; Grant, Bert (2009-07-16)
  • Broadway melody 

    The London Book Co. Ltd; Lait (2009-11-10)
  • Broadway melody 

    The London Book Co. Ltd; Lait (2009-11-10)
  • Broken Contracts and Hidden Partnerships: Theory and Experiment 

    Chen, J; Houser, D (Interdisciplinary Center for Economic Science, George Mason University, 2014)
    Previous research indicates that unenforceable informal contracts (or commit- ments) promote trust and reciprocity. Nonetheless, while such contracts may benefit existing exchange, in dynamic environments they may also ...
  • Broken Wing 

    Lenette, Caroline; Procopis, Brian (University of Exeter, 2016-03-22)
    The literature on the social and emotional wellbeing of community musicians who engage with marginalised groups with complex mental health issues such as refugees, is relatively scarce. The Scattered People is a collective ...