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  • Bronze Age Human Ecodynamics in the Humber Estuary 

    Van de Noort, Robert; Fletcher, William (Oxbow Books, 2000)
    For much of lowland Britain during the Holocene one important factor in determining environmental change was sea level fluctuation. A net rise of circa 20 m, within an oscillating short term picture of transgression and ...
  • Bronze Age perceptions of wetlands: recent archaeological work on the Humber estuary 

    Van de Noort, Robert (Department of Archaeology, University College Dublin, 2001)
    [INTRODUCTION] This paper addresses the perception of different wetlands in and around the Humber estuary in the Bronze Age. Combining past and current research, it will be argued that the perception of intertidal wetlands ...
  • Brood parasitism is linked to egg pattern diversity within and among species of Australian passerines. 

    Medina, I; Troscianko, J; Stevens, M; Langmore, NE (University of Chicago press, 2016-02-03)
    Bird eggs show striking diversity in color and pattern. One explanation for this is that interactions between avian brood parasites and their hosts drive egg phenotype evolution. Brood parasites lay their eggs in the nests ...
  • Brown dwarfs and very low mass stars in the Hyades cluster : a dynamically evolved mass function 

    Bouvier, Jerome; Kendall, T.R.; Meeus, G.; Testi, L.; Moraux, E.; Stauffer, J.R.; James, D.; Cuillandre, J.C.; Irwin, J.; McCaughrean, M.J.; Baraffe, I.; Bertin, E. (EDP Sciences for European Southern Observatory (ESO), 2008)
    We conducted a search for brown dwarfs (BDs) and very low mass (VLM) stars in the 625 Myr-old Hyades cluster in order to derive the cluster's mass function across the stellar-substellar boundary. We performed a deep (I=23, ...
  • Bruce Bennett 

    Cooperative Wholesale Society (2009-11-10)
  • Brutal games: Call of Duty and the cultural narrative of World War II 

    Ramsay, Debra (University of Texas Press, 2015)
    World War II is the conflict that features most in first-person shooter (FPS) video games, but despite the rapid growth of this sector of the entertainment industry, the way in which the war is recalibrated in this format ...
  • Brüche in der Stufenleiter der Natur.Diversität in der Naturgeschichte 1758-1859 

    Muller-Wille, SEW (Königshausen & Neumann, 2015)
    Published as “Brüche in der Stufenleiter der Natur. Diversität in der Naturgeschichte 1758-1859,” in Diversität. Geschichte und Aktualität eines Konzepts, edited by A. Blum, N. Zschocke, H.-J. Rheinberger, V. Barras, ...
  • Bryant Washburn 

    Edwards, Ringer & Bigg; Imperial Tobacco Co. Ltd. (2009-11-10)
  • Brynt Washburn: Goldwyn 

    Unknown author (2009-11-10)
  • BSim: an agent-based tool for modeling bacterial populations in systems and synthetic biology. 

    Gorochowski, TE; Matyjaszkiewicz, Antoni; Todd, T; Oak, N; Kowalska, K; Reid, S; Tsaneva-Atanasova, Krasimira; Savery, NJ; Grierson, CS; Di Bernardo, Mario (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2012)
    Large-scale collective behaviors such as synchronization and coordination spontaneously arise in many bacterial populations. With systems biology attempting to understand these phenomena, and synthetic biology opening up ...
  • 'Bubbles' 

    Unknown author (2009-07-07)
  • Buck Jones 

    Edwards, Ringer & Bigg; Imperial Tobacco Co. Ltd. (2009-11-10)
  • Buckling behavior of carbon nanotubes under bending: from ripple to kink 

    Wang, CG; Liu, YP; Al-Ghalith, J; Dumitrică, T; Wadee, M. Khurram; Tan, HF (Elsevier, 2016-06)
    This paper elucidates the buckling behavior of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) under bending. CNTs are modeled as continuous thin-wall circular tubes, and their buckling is governed by equations that take into account of the ...
  • Buckling of scroll waves 

    Dierckx, H.; Verschelde, H.; Selsil, O.; Biktashev, V. N. (American Physical Society, 2012)
    A scroll wave in a sufficiently thin layer of an excitable medium with negative filament tension can be stable nevertheless due to filament rigidity. Above a certain critical thickness of the medium, such scroll wave will ...
  • Bugs Bunny figurine 

    Unknown author (2009-11-10)
  • Bugs Bunny mug 

    Unknown author (2009-11-10)
  • Bugs Bunny stuffed toy 

    Unknown author (2009-11-10)
  • Bugs' Laff Box: 6 hare-larious stories 

    Unknown author (2009-11-10)
  • The Build-up to Eruptive Solar Events Viewed as the Development of Chiral Systems 

    Martin, Sara F.; Panasenco, Olga; Berger, M.A.; Engvold, Oddbjorn; Lin, Yong; Pevtsov, Alexei A.; Srivastava, Nandita (Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2012)
    When we examine the chirality or observed handedness of the chromospheric and coronal structures involved in the long-term build-up to eruptive events, we find that they evolve in very specific ways to form two and only ...
  • builder 

    Unknown author (2009-11-10)