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  • Black British Theatre: A Transnational Perspective 

    Pearce, Michael Christopher (University of ExeterDrama, 2013-01-28)
    This thesis examines post-war black British theatre through a transnational lens. It argues that the hitherto prioritization of a national paradigm in discussions of black British theatre is not sufficiently complex to ...
  • Black Hole Lasers Revisited 

    Leonhardt, Ulf; Philbin, Thomas G. (Springer, 2007)
    The production of Hawking radiation by a single horizon is not dependent on the high-frequency dispersion relation of the radiated field. When there are two horizons, however, Corley and Jacobson have shown that superluminal ...
  • black pirate 

    Readers Library Publishing Co. Ltd; Gates (2009-11-10)
  • black pirate 

    Readers Library Publishing Co. Ltd; Gates (2009-11-10)
  • Blackmail 

    The Readers Library Publishing Co. Ltd; Alexander, Ruth; Bennett, Charles (2009-11-10)
  • Blackmail 

    The Readers Library Publishing Co. Ltd; Alexander (2009-11-10)
  • Blackmail 

    The Readers Library Publishing Co. Ltd; Alexander (2009-11-10)
  • The Blackout in Britain and Germany during the Second World War 

    Wiggam, Marc Patrick (University of ExeterHistory, 2011-03-16)
    The impact of air raid precautions in Britain and Germany has received little scholarly attention since the end of the Second World War. Of the protective measures brought about as a result of the invention of the bomber, ...
  • Blanche Fury 

    World Film Publications Ltd; Britton (2009-11-10)
  • Blanket peat biome endangered by climate change 

    Gallego-Sala, Angela V.; Prentice, I. Colin (Nature Publishing Group, 2012-09-02)
    Blanket bog is a highly distinctive biome restricted to disjunct hyperoceanic regions. It is characterized by a landscape covering of peat broken only by the steepest slopes1. Plant and microbial life are adapted to anoxia, ...
  • Bleaching drives collapse in reef carbonate budgets and reef growth potential on southern Maldives reefs 

    Perry, C; Morgan, KM (Nature Publishing Group, 2017-01-13)
    Sea-surface temperature (SST) warming events, which are projected to increase in frequency and intensity with climate change, represent major threats to coral reefs. How these events impact reef carbonate budgets, and thus ...
  • Blick vom Dach der Werderschen Kirche: nach Nordern / Suden 

    Deutscher Kunstverlag; Gaertner, Eduard (2009-11-10)
  • Blind Belief in a Commodified Natural Resource: A Grounded Theory 

    Pearce, Rebecca (University of ExeterGeography, 2013-09-17)
    This research examines the application of a Classic Glaserian Grounded Theory methodology to the phenomenon of drought when viewed from the perspective of household water users in southern England. The resulting conceptual ...
  • Blind source separation for non-stationary mixing 

    Everson, Richard M.; Roberts, Stephen (2000)
    Blind source separation attempts to recover independent sources which have been linearly mixed to produce observations. We consider blind source separation with non-stationary mixing, but stationary sources. The linear ...
  • 'Bliss was it in that shirt to be alive': Connecting Romanticism and New Romanticism through dress 

    Bernhard Jackson, EA (Palgrave, 2018-05-01)
    The New Romantics of Margaret Thatcher’s 1980s became a collection of pop stars who profoundly affected popular culture. This label applied to Boy George, Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, and Adam Ant among others. Like the ...
  • Blobs and curves: object-based colocalisation for plant cells 

    Nelson, CJ; Duckney, P; Hawkins, TJ; Deeks, MJ; Laissue, PP; Hussey, PJ; Obara, B (CSIRO Publishing, 2014-08-22)
    Blobs and curves occur everywhere in plant bioimaging: from signals of fluorescence-labelled proteins, through cytoskeletal structures, nuclei staining and cell extensions such as root hairs. Here we look at the problem ...
  • Blogging Zhanaozen: hegemonic discourse and authoritarian resilience in Kazakhstan 

    Lewis, D (Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 2016-04-04)
    Post-Soviet authoritarian regimes – particularly in Central Asia – have proved highly resilient since independence. Existing explanations for regime longevity should be augmented by consideration of non-material, discursive ...
  • Blood and islet phenotypes indicate immunological heterogeneity in type 1 diabetes 

    Arif, Sefina; Leete, Pia; Nguyen, Vy; Marks, Katherine; Nor, Nurhanani Mohamed; Estorninho, Megan; Kronenberg-Versteeg, Deborah; Bingley, Polly J.; Todd, John A.; Guy, Catherine; Dunger, David B.; Powrie, Jake; Willcox, A; Foulis, Alan K.; Richardson, Sarah J.; de Rinaldis, Emanuele; Morgan, Noel G.; Lorenc, Anna; Peakman, Mark (American Diabetes Association, 2014-06-17)
    Studies in type 1 diabetes indicate potential disease heterogeneity, notably in the rate of β-cell loss, responsiveness to immunotherapies, and, in limited studies, islet pathology. We sought evidence for different ...
  • Blood Cries Afar: The Forgotten Invasion of England 1216 

    McGlynn, Sean Joseph (University of ExeterThe History PressHistory, 2014-09-22)
    The intent behind Blood Cries Afar: The Forgotten Invasion of England 1216 was to be the first book to study the French invasion of England in 1216 and the first to offer a military narrative and analysis of its events. ...
  • A blood gene expression marker of early Alzheimer's disease. 

    Lunnon, Katie; Sattlecker, M; Furney, SJ; Coppola, G; Simmons, A; Proitsi, P; Lupton, MK; Lourdusamy, A; Johnston, C; Soininen, H; Kłoszewska, I; Mecocci, P; Tsolaki, M; Vellas, B; Geschwind, D; Lovestone, Simon; Dobson, R; Hodges, A; dNeuroMed Consortium (IOS Press, 2013)
    A marker of Alzheimer's disease (AD) that can accurately diagnose disease at the earliest stage would significantly support efforts to develop treatments for early intervention. We have sought to determine the sensitivity ...