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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2014Chapter 3.6 Fish  Wilson, RW
    5 February 2015Chapter 3: Teacher education and SEN - policy landscapes and impetuses  Lawson, Hazel
    21 September 2012Character Consciousness in Modernist and Postmodernist Plays: An Exploration Through Playwriting  Brummitt, Adam
    23 May 2014Character Evidence in the Courts of Classical Athens  Adamidis, Vasileios
    6 July 2009'Character sketches at the Sea-side'  Unknown author
    28 September 2015Characterisation of a fibre optic Raman probe within a hypodermic needle.  Iping Petterson, IE; Day, JC; Fullwood, LM; et al.
    7 April 2016Characterisation of a knee-joint energy harvester powering a wireless communication sensing node  Kuang, Yang; Zhu, Meiling
    26 October 2016Characterisation of homologous sphingosine 1-phosphate lyase (S1PL) isoforms in the bacterial pathogen Burkholderia pseudomallei.  McLean, C; Marles-Wright, J; Custodio, R; et al.
    7 June 2013Characterisation of lipoprotieins of Clostridium difficile and their role in virulence  Kovacs-Simon, Andrea
    3 December 2018Characterisation of peroxisome-organelle contacts and cooperation  Bishop, Alexa
    3 November 2017Characterisation of Received Signal Strength Perturbations using Allan Variance  Luo, C; Casaseca, P; McClean, S; et al.
    13 January 2015Characterisation of Secreted Effector Proteins of Nosema ceranae, an Agent Associated with Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)  Lalik, Marta
    2016Characterisation of signal enhancements achieved when utilizing a photon diode in deep Raman spectroscopy of tissue  Vardaki, Martha Z.; Matousek, Pavel; Stone, Nicholas
    1 October 2015Characterisation of the Cullin-3 mutation that causes a severe form of familial hypertension and hyperkalaemia  Schumacher, F-R; Siew, K; Zhang, J; et al.
    28 June 2011Characterisation of the Fusarium graminearum-Wheat Floral Interaction.  Brown, NA; Bass, C; Baldwin, TK; et al.
    4 September 2015Characterising novel mitotic microtubule associated proteins in the early Drosophila embryo  Scott, Stacey Jane
    2004Characterising stellar micro-variability for planetary transit searches  Aigrain, Suzanne; Favata, F.; Gilmore, G.
    1 December 2004Characterising the late prehistoric, ‘Romano-British’ and medieval landscape, and dating the emergence of a regionally distinct agricultural system in South West Britain  Fyfe, Ralph; Brown, A.G; Rippon, Stephen
    2011Characteristic matrices for linear periodic delay differential equations  Sieber, J.; Szalai, R.
    24 April 2018The characteristics and performance of hybrid redox flow batteries with zinc negative electrodes for energy storage  Arenas, LF; Loh, A; Trudgeon, DP; et al.