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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    29 January 2019Genome-wide association analyses of chronotype in 697,828 individuals provides insights into circadian rhythms  Jones, SE; Lane, JM; Wood, AR; et al.
    16 April 2019Genome-wide association studies of abdominal MRI scans identifies loci associated with liver fat and liver iron in the UK Biobank  Wilman, H; Parisinos, C; Kelly, M; et al.
    3 January 2018Genome-wide association study of offspring birth weight in 86,577 women identifies five novel loci and highlights maternal genetic effects that are independent of fetal genetics  Beaumont, RN; Warrington, NM; Cavadino, A; et al.
    28 September 2016Genome-wide associations for birth weight and correlations with adult disease  Horikoshi, M; Beaumont, RN; Day, FR; et al.
    8 March 2016Height, body mass index, and socioeconomic status: mendelian randomisation study in UK Biobank  Tyrrell, J; Jones, SE; Beaumont, R; et al.
    16 July 2021Higher adiposity and mental health: Causal inference using Mendelian randomisation  Casanova, F; O'Loughlin, J; Martin, S; et al.
    20 September 2021Higher maternal adiposity reduces offspring birthweight if associated with a metabolically favourable profile  Thompson, WD; Beaumont, RN; Kuang, A; et al.
    19 June 2011Human aging is characterized by focused changes in gene expression and deregulation of alternative splicing  Harries, LW; Hernandez, D; Henley, W; et al.
    14 November 2016Integrative genomic analysis implicates limited peripheral adipose storage capacity in the pathogenesis of human insulin resistance.  Lotta, LA; Gulati, P; Day, FR; et al.
    2015Low-frequency and rare exome chip variants associate with fasting glucose and type 2 diabetes susceptibility  Wessel, J; Chu, AY; Willems, SM; et al.
    1 May 2019Maternal and fetal genetic effects on birth weight and their relevance to cardio-metabolic risk factors  Warrington, NM; Beaumont, RN; Horikoshi, M; et al.
    8 January 2020A Mendelian randomization study provides evidence that adiposity and dyslipidemia lead to lower urinary albumin creatinine ratio, a marker of microvascular function.  Casanova, F; Wood, AR; Yaghootkar, H; et al.
    14 September 2018Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies for body fat distribution in 694,649 individuals of European ancestry.  Pulit, SL; Stoneman, C; Morris, AP; et al.
    5 September 2018Mosaic Turner syndrome shows reduced penetrance in an adult population study  Tuke, MA; Ruth, KS; Wood, AR; et al.
    1 January 2013New loci associated with birth weight identify genetic links between intrauterine growth and adult height and metabolism  Horikoshi, M; Yaghootkar, H; Mook-Kanamori, DO; et al.
    1 December 2013Parental diabetes and birthweight in 236 030 individuals in the UK biobank study  Tyrrell, Jessica S.; Yaghootkar, H; Freathy, RM; et al.
    22 December 2017Protein-altering variants associated with body mass index implicate pathways that control energy intake and expenditure in obesity.  Turcot, V; Lu, Y; Highland, HM; et al.
    30 December 2016Quantifying the extent to which index event biases influence large genetic association studies  Yaghootkar, H; Bancks, MP; Jones, SE; et al.
    1 February 2017Rare and low-frequency coding variants alter human adult height  Marouli, E; Graff, M; Medina-Gomez, C; et al.
    28 September 2017Red blood cell distribution width: Genetic evidence for aging pathways in 116,666 volunteers  Pilling, LC; Atkins, JL; Duff, MO; et al.