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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    29 October 2018Bombus terrestris in a mass-flowering pollinator-dependent crop: A mutualistic relationship? (dataset)  Knapp, Jessica; Becher, Matthias; Rankin, Charlotte; et al.
    24 September 2014Both loved and feared: third party punishers are view as formidable and likeable, but these reputational benefits may only be open to dominant individuals (dataset)  Gordon, David S.
    7 March 2017Breeding system and spatial isolation from congeners strongly constrain seed set in an insect-pollinated apomictic tree: Sorbus subcuneata (Rosaceae) (dataset)  Hamston, Tracey J; Wilson, Robert J; deVere, Natasha; et al.
    17 July 2017Broadband conversion of microwaves into propagating spin waves in patterned magnetic structures (dataset)  Mushenok, F; Dost, R; Davies, C; et al.
    11 July 2018A broadband stripline technique for characterizing relative permittivity and permeability (dataset)  Gallagher, Cameron Patrick; Cole, Nick; Savage, Peter P.; et al.
    26 March 2014Bronze Age Boat  Van de Noort, Robert
    18 July 2014Burying beetle data for Box 1 of Royle et al_Science  Royle, NJ; Russell, Andrew; Wilson, Alastair J.
    20 August 2014CADET Data  Richards, David; Green, C
    14 March 2017CADET dataset FINAL 12m CLEAN  Richards, David A
    11 September 2019Calcium carbonate production by fish in temperate marine environments (dataset)  Salter, M; Perry, C; Smith, A
    31 December 2015Can non-ideal magnetohydrodynamics solve the magnetic braking catastrophe? (dataset)  Wurster, James; Bate, Matthew; Price, Daniel J
    3 April 2019Can we prepare to attend to one of two simultaneous voices? (dataset)  Monsell, S; Lavric, A; Strivens, A; et al.
    27 March 2019The carbon-to-oxygen ratio: implications for the spectra of hydrogen-dominated exoplanet atmospheres (dataset)  Drummond, Benjamin; Carter, Aarynn; Hébrard, Eric; et al.
    17 January 2019Cardiopulmonary responses to maximal aerobic exercise in patients with cystic fibrosis (dataset)  Williams, CAP; Wedgwood, K; Mohammadi, H; et al.
    12 July 2012Cascade Datasets 1-25  Miles, Charlotte
    29 November 2019Characterising the i-band variability of YSOs over six orders of magnitude in timescale (dataset)  Sergison, D; Naylor, T; Littlefair, S; et al.
    6 September 2019CitSeg pilot data  Meakin, J; Ames, RM; Jeynes, JCG; et al.
    10 October 2019Code to digitise MR bone images and calculate properties of shape: cross-sectional area, area moment of inertia, product moment of area  Kenny, M; Ellison, M; Rice, H
    6 September 2012Cogeme Phytopathogenic Fungi and Oomycete EST Database  Soanes, Darren; Talbot, Nicholas J.
    18 December 2018Collagen reorganization in cartilage under strain probed by polarization sensitive Second Harmonic Generation microscopy (dataset)  Mansfield, Jessica; Mandalia, Vipul; Toms, Andrew; et al.