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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    21 August 2015The barriers to and enablers of positive attitudes to ageing and older people, at the societal and individual level  Abrams, Dominic; Swift, Hannah J.; Lamont, Ruth A.; et al.
    2009Basking shark hotspots on the West Coast of Scotland: Key sites, threats and implications for conservation of the species  Speedie, CD; Johnson, LA; Witt, MJ
    1 March 2014Best practice report - installation procedures  Maisondieu, C; Johanning, L; Weller, S
    1 September 2013Best practice report – mooring of floating marine renewable energy devices  Weller, S; Johanning, L; Davies, P
    1 January 2014Best practice report – operation and maintenance requirements  Weller, S; Maisondieu, C; Johanning, L; et al.
    2006Biblos in New Zealand  Copley, Terence; Freathy, R.J.K.; Walshe, Karen; et al.
    1 November 2017Biomedical Knowledge Production in the Age of Big Data  Leonelli, S
    1 June 2019Blue-green infrastructure - perspectives on water quality benefits  Arthur, S; Krivtsov, V; Allen, D; et al.
    8 February 2018Bringing Health and the Environment into Decision-Making: The Natural Capital Approach  Bateman, IJ; Wheeler, BW
    2011Building bridges? An evaluation of the costs and effectiveness of the Separated Parents Information Programme (PIP)  Trinder, Liz; Bryson, Caroline; Coleman, Lester; et al.
    9 June 2017Building Digital Identities: The Challenges, Risks and Opportunities of Collecting Behavioural Attributes for new Digital Identity Systems.  Beduschi, A; Cinnamon, J; Langford, J; et al.
    30 April 2014Building effective responses: An independent review of violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence services in Wales  Berry, VL; Stanley, N; Radford, L; et al.
    23 July 2015Causes of differences in student outcomes, Higher Education Funding Council for England  Mountford-Zimdars, AK; Sanders, J; Jones, S; et al.
    1 June 2020A changing climate: exploring the implications of climate change for UK defence and security  Adger, N; Cox, K; Knack, A; et al.
    2014Chapter 3.6 Fish  Wilson, RW
    Chiesa di San Martino di Breclema, Romagno Sesia: site report for the excavation period 31 August-11 September 1998  Isayev, Elena
    24 November 2015Codes Governance and Reform Discussion Paper  Mitchell, Catherine; Hoggett, R; Lockwood, M; et al.
    1 November 2017CollAborative care for Screen-Positive EldeRs with major depression (CASPER plus): a multicentred randomised controlled trial of clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness  Bosanquet, K; Adamson, J; Atherton, K; et al.
    1 October 2013Combined Policy Application Report - MERIFIC  Vantoch-Wood, A; Connor, PM; Kablan, Y
    1 June 2017Community hospitals and their services in the NHS: identifying transferable learning from international developments – scoping review, systematic review, country reports and case studies.  Pitchforth, E; Nolte, E; Corbett, J; et al.