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    3 June 2019Facial affect recognition in young adult offenders: Investigating the impact of traumatic brain injury and assessing targets for intervention  Cohen, M
    14 June 2018Facies architecture of Miocene subaqueous clinothems of the New Jersey passive margin: Results from IODP-ICDP Expedition 313  Proust, J-N; Pouderoux, H; Ando, H; et al.
    23 May 2016Facile surfactant-free synthesis of p-type SnSe nanoplates with exceptional thermoelectric power factors  Han, G; Popuri, SR; Greer, HF; et al.
    2012Facilitated physical activity as a treatment for depressed adults: Randomised controlled trial  Chalder, M; Wiles, NJ; Campbell, John; et al.
    18 May 2017Facilitating Enforcement of International Investment Dispute Awards  Esra, Yildiz
    8 June 2017Facilitating practice-led co-innovation for the improvement in animal welfare  van Dijk, L; Buller, H; MacAllister, L; et al.
    1 May 2014Facilitating professional liaison in collaborative care for depression in UK primary care; a qualitative study utilising normalisation process theory  Coupe, N; Anderson, E; Gask, L; et al.
    10 July 2013Facilitating re-use of PhD research data  Evans, Jill; Lloyd-Jones, Hannah; Cole, Gareth
    2009Facilitating the analysis of a UK National Blood Service supply chain using distributed simulation  Mustafee, Navonil; Taylor, Simon J.E.; Katsaliaki, Korina; et al.
    7 May 2013Facilitators Views on Victim Empathy Work in Sex Offender Treatment and its Impact on Therapeutic Alliance  Norton, Russell
    27 October 2020Facing the Electorate: Computational Approaches to the Study of Nonverbal Communication and Voter Impression Formation  Boussalis, C; Coan, TG
    1 May 2008Facing up to New Realism: The case of using the Target Cost Management approach in healthcare delivery Management  Ganye, Kwah Driscole
    2007Fact and Value  Dupré, John
    29 August 2015Factors affecting Acheulean handaxe variation: Experimental insights, microevolutionary processes, and macroevolutionary outcomes  Lycett, SJ; Schillinger, K; Eren, MI; et al.
    17 May 2013Factors affecting patients' trust and confidence in GPs: evidence from the English national GP patient survey.  Croker, JE; Swancutt, DR; Roberts, MJ; et al.
    28 September 2011Factors Affecting the Motivation of Expatriate English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teachers in the Sultanate of Oman  Zafar Khan, Sarah
    11 January 2021Factors affecting the social transmission of novel behaviours: from the individual to the group  Laker, P
    1 September 2014Factors associated time to diagnosis and stage at diagnosis of colorectal cancer: a prospective cohort study  Walter, FM; Emery, J; Morris, H; et al.
    2 July 2019Factors associated with depression in people with inflammatory bowel disease: the relationship between active disease and biases in neurocognitive processing  Wilkinson, B; Trick, L; Knight, A; et al.
    9 February 2020Factors associated with self- and informant ratings of quality of life, well-being and life satisfaction in people with mild-to-moderate dementia: results from the Improving the experience of Dementia and Enhancing Active Life programme  Wu, Y-T; Nelis, SM; Quinn, C; et al.