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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    10 November 2009Hale's tours of the world: Hale's tours at the seaside  Waterlow Bros. & Layton, Ltd.
    27 January 2021Half a century of global decline in oceanic sharks and rays  Pacoureau, N; Rigby, CL; Kyne, PM; et al.
    17 June 2020Half the world’s population are exposed to increasing air pollution  Shaddick, G; Thomas, ML; Mudu, P; et al.
    2012Half-century air temperature change above Antarctica: Observed trends and spatial reconstructions  Screen, James A.; Simmonds, Ian
    19 June 2009Halfpenny Showman  William Miller
    1 January 2018Halioticida noduliformans infection in eggs of lobster (Homarus gammarus) reveals its generalist parasitic strategy in marine invertebrates  Holt, C; Foster, R; Daniels, CL; et al.
    17 August 2018Hall effect-driven formation of gravitationally unstable discs in magnetized molecular cloud cores (article)  Wurster, J; Bate, MR; Price, DJ
    16 August 2018Hall effect-driven formation of gravitationally unstable discs in magnetized molecular cloud cores (dataset)  Wurster, James; Bate, Matthew; Price, Daniel J
    21 September 2016Hamas' political transformation and engagement, 2003-2013  Bao, Hsiu-Ping
    3 September 2018Hambone's Call: Nathaniel Mackey and Editorial Poetics  Foley, A
    10 November 2009Hamlet (cast and credits)  Columbia Pictures and Filmways; Williamson, Nicol; Faithfull, Marianne; et al.
    10 November 2009Hamlet: a play by William Shakespeare  Denes Studios; Benjamin Pollock; Shakespeare, William; et al.
    1 March 2019Hamlet’s ‘Spendthrift Sigh’: Emotional Breathing On and Off the Stage  Tsentourou, PN
    22 February 2018Hand in Hand Tropical Cyclones and Climate Change: Investigating the Response of Tropical Cyclones to the Warming World  Arora, Kopal
    29 April 2015Hand in Hand: Public Endorsement of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation  Brugger, Adrian; Morton, TA; Dessai, Suraje
    24 June 2009Hand Panorama Reel: Coronation Procession of King George IV  W. Sams
    10 November 2009Hand shadows: the complete art of shadowgraphy  C. Arthur Pearson, Ltd.; Nikola, Louis
    10 November 2009hand-book to Mr. Albert Smith's entertainment entitled The Overland Mail: being a reminiscence of travel on the homeward route from Suez to London, via the Desert, Cairo, the Pyramids, Malta, Marseilles, and Boulogne  Albert Smith; Smith, Albert
    15 June 2009Hand-coloured Dioramic Print: The Imperial Crown of State  Edward Orme; Orme, Edward; Swaine, J.
    24 June 2009Hand-made White Shadow Image: H.R.H. Prince Albert  Unknown author