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    28 November 2017Ice-dammed lake drainage evolution at Russell Glacier, West Greenland  Carrivick, JL; Tweed, FS; Ng, F; et al.
    3 April 2015Ice-flow structure and ice dynamic changes in the Weddell Sea sector of West Antarctica from radar-imaged internal layering  Bingham, R.G.; Rippin, D.M.; Karlsson, NB; et al.
    6 March 2017Ice-free at 1.5°C?  Screen, JA; Williamson, D
    24 June 2020Iceland is an episodic source of atmospheric ice-nucleating particles relevant for mixed-phase clouds  Sanchez-Marroquin, A; Arnalds, O; Baustian-Dorsi, KJ; et al.
    28 September 2018ICH and safeguarding: Uncovering the cultural heritage discourse of copyright  Pavis, MGA
    19 August 2019Iconic architecture through the lens of Instagram: the case studies of the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao and the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul  Kim, J
    2007Icons of repute: the attribution of Lamarckian and Darwinian evolutionary mechanisms in economics  Baskerville, Rachel F.
    1 November 2018ICOS-L as a Potential Therapeutic Target for Cancer Immunotherapy  Marinelli, O; Nabissi, M; Amantini, C; et al.
    12 July 2016Ictal time-irreversible intracranial EEG signals as markers of the epileptogenic zone.  Schindler, K; Rummel, C; Andrzejak, RG; et al.
    19 February 2018ICTV Virus Taxonomy Profile: Rhabdoviridae.  Walker, PJ; Blasdell, KR; Calisher, CH; et al.
    10 November 2009Ida Lupino  John Player & Sons; Imperial Tobacco Co. Ltd.
    10 November 2009Ida Lupino  Carreras Ltd.
    15 April 2019Ideal Cities (Renaissance)  Nevola, FJD
    2 March 2018Ideal Weyl points and helicoid surface states in artificial photonic crystal structures (article)  Yang, B; Guo, Q; Tremain, B; et al.
    19 December 2017Ideal Weyl points and helicoid surface states in artificial photonic crystal structures (dataset)  Yang, B; Guo, Q; Tremain, B; et al.
    14 February 2019Ideal, Conflict, Destruction. Lovers' Dreams in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries (Wieland's Don Sylvio von Rosalva, Hoffmann's Die Elixiere des Teufels and Bachmann's Malina)  Schmidt, R
    10 November 2009Idealetter: a chatty review of the trade in general and our own announcements in particular  Ideal Films
    12 December 2019Idealised simulations of the deep atmosphere of hot jupiters: Deep, hot, adiabats as a robust solution to the radius inflation problem  Sainsbury-Martinez, F; Wang, P; Fromang, S; et al.
    15 January 2021Idealism, pragmatism, and the power of compromise in the negotiation of New Zealand's Zero Carbon Act  Bailey, I; Fitch-Roy, O; Inderberg, THJ; et al.
    19 August 2015Idealized large-eddy simulations of nocturnal low-level jets over subtropical desert regions and implications for dust-generating winds  Heinold, Bernd; Knippertz, Peter; Beare, Robert J.