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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    10 November 2009Hand-made white shadow image: Kemble as Hamlet  Unknown author
    10 November 2009Hand-made white shadow image: Shakspeare [sic]  Unknown author
    24 June 2009Hand-made White Shadow Image: Sir Walter Scott  Unknown author
    10 November 2009Hand-painted lampshade with dioramic scenes: views of Rome  Unknown author
    11 June 2009Handbill Advertising a Benefit Show for the Royal Infirmary, Including a Set of 'Dissolvent Tableaux'  Unknown author
    10 November 2009Handbill advertising Stoll's Panopticon at the Philharmonic Hall, Cardiff, Nov 26th 1906  Unknown author
    12 June 2009Handbill Advertising the 'Grand Moving Panorama' at the Theatre Royal Covent Garden, Friday February 15th 1838  Reynolds, W.
    9 July 2014Handling duplicate publications in Symplectic  Cockram, Rick; Parkinson, Steve
    28 May 2011Handling packet dropouts and random delays for unstable delayed processes in NCS by optimal tuning of PIλDμ controllers with evolutionary algorithms  Pan, I; Das, S; Gupta, A
    27 March 2020Handsearching had best recall but poor efficiency when exporting to a bibliographic tool: case study  Cooper, C; Snowsill, T; Worsley, C; et al.
    13 July 2020Hanging Them Up - Depictions of Retirement in Contemporary American Boxing Novels; and the novel Bruise  Markle, A
    6 March 2009Hannah Arendt (1906-1975)  Schaap, Andrew
    6 June 2011Hannah Arendt and the Philosophical Repression of Politics  Schaap, Andrew
    1 October 1999Hans Frei and David Tracy on the ordinary and the extraordinary in Christianity  Higton, Mike
    2016Happiness, pleasure, and belief  Skidelsky, EBH
    30 July 2019Happy Catastrophe: recent progress in analysis and exploitation of elastic instability  Dodwell, T; Hunt, G; Champneys, A; et al.
    7 April 2021Happy Hens or Healthy Eggs – A Summative Content Analysis Of How Hens Are Represented In Supermarket Egg Boxes Narratives  Hill, K
    28 December 2016Harbouring public good mutants within a pathogen population can increase both fitness and virulence  Lindsay, RJ; Kershaw, MJ; Pawlowska, BJ; et al.
    2009Hard and Easy Questions about Consciousness  Dupré, John
    10 November 2009hard day's night  Pan Books Ltd; Burke, John; Owen, Alun