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  • R code for generating random associations and conducting group-based sampling on them 

    Silk, Matthew (University of Exeter, 2014-07-09)
    R code which can be used to generate associations matrices of randomly moving individuals. Censuses are conducted in a group based style on these randomly moving individuals, so that individuals observed in the same group ...
  • R. V. Jones and the Birth of Scientific Intelligence 

    Goodchild, James Martinson (University of ExeterHistory, 2013-03-20)
    The history of scientific intelligence – its birth, its importance during the Second World War, and its unique wartime qualities – has relied almost entirely on the memories of its pioneer, R. V. Jones. This thesis constitutes ...
  • RA autoantibodies as predictors of rheumatoid arthritis in non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis patients. 

    Perry, E; Stenton, C; Kelly, C; Eggleton, P; Hutchinson, D; De Soyza, A (European Respiratory Society: ERJ, 2014-10-01)
  • Rabbit squeaking toy 

    Unknown author (2009-11-10)
  • Race and History: Comments from an Epistemological Point of View 

    Müller-Wille, S (Sage Publications, 2014-01-13)
    The historiography of race is usually framed by two discontinuities: the invention of race by European naturalists and anthropologists, marked by Carl Linnaeus’s (1735) Systema naturae and the demise of racial typologies ...
  • Race, Policing, and Public Inquiries During the 1980-81 Collective Violence in England 

    Peplow, Simon George (University of ExeterHistory, 2015-07-27)
    This thesis examines the collective violence throughout England in 1980-81; these were largely spontaneous incidents of hostility directed against police from predominantly the youth of local black communities. Rejecting ...
  • Racehorses are getting faster 

    Sharman, P; Wilson, Alastair J. (Royal Society, 2015-06-24)
    Previous studies have concluded that thoroughbred racehorse speed is improving very slowly, if at all, despite heritable variation for performance and putatively intensive selective breeding. This has led to the suggestion ...
  • “Race”, “Nation”, “People”: Ethnic Identity-Construction in 1 Peter 2.9 

    Horrell, David G. (Cambridge University Press, 2012-01)
    1 Peter 2.4–10 is a significant passage within the letter, rich in material from the Jewish scriptures. Verse 9 is particularly significant for the construction of Christian group-identity in that it uniquely applies three ...
  • Rademacher chaos complexities for learning the kernel problem 

    Ying, Yiming; Campbell, Colin (Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press (MIT Press), 2010)
    We develop a novel generalization bound for learning the kernel problem. First, we show that the generalization analysis of the kernel learning problem reduces to investigation of the suprema of the Rademacher chaos process ...
  • Radiation damping in atomic photonic crystals 

    Horsley, S.A.R.; Artoni, M.; La Rocca, G.C. (American Physical Society, 2011)
    The force exerted on a material by an incident beam of light is dependent upon the material’s velocity in the laboratory frame of reference. This velocity dependence is known to be difficult to measure, as it is proportional ...
  • Radiation damping optical enhancement in cold atoms 

    Wu, Jin-Hui; Horsley, S.A.R.; Artoni, M.; La Rocca, G.C. (Nature Publishing Group, 2013)
    The typically tiny effect of radiation damping on a moving body can be amplified to a favorable extent by exploiting the sharp reflectivity slope at one edge of an optically induced stop-band in atoms loaded into an optical ...
  • Radiation Hydrodynamic Models and Simulated Observations of Radiative Feedback in Star Forming Regions 

    Haworth, Thomas (University of ExeterCollege of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, 2013-10-11)
    This thesis details the development of the radiation transport code torus for radiation hydrodynamic applications and its subsequent use in investigating problems regarding radiative feedback. The code couples Monte Carlo ...
  • Radiation pressure in stratified moving media 

    Horsley, S.A.R.; Artoni, M.; La Rocca, G.C. (American Physical Society, 2012)
    A general theory of optical forces on moving bodies is here developed in terms of generalized 4×4 transfer and scattering matrices. Results are presented for a planar dielectric of arbitrary refractive index placed in an ...
  • Radiation pressure on a moving body: Beyond the Doppler effect 

    Horsley, S.A.R.; Artoni, M.; La Rocca, G.C. (Optical Society of America, 2012)
    The dependence of macroscopic radiation pressure on the velocity of the object being pushed is commonly attributed to the Doppler effect. This need not be the case, and here we highlight velocity-dependent radiation pressure ...
  • Radiation-hydrodynamical simulations of massive star formation using Monte Carlo radiative transfer - I. Algorithms and numerical methods 

    Harries, Tim J. (Oxford University Press for Royal Astronomical Society, 2015-03-10)
    We present a set of new numerical methods that are relevant to calculating radiation pressure terms in hydrodynamics calculations, with a particular focus on massive star formation. The radiation force is determined from ...
  • Radiative transfer modelling for sun glint correction in marine satellite imagery 

    Kay, Susan Barbara (University of ExeterBiosciences, 2011-12-19)
    Remote sensing is a powerful tool for studying the marine environment; however, many images are contaminated by sun glint, the specular reflection of light from the water surface. Improved radiative transfer modelling could ...
  • Radical Christianity in the Holy Land: A Comparative Study of Liberation and Contextual Theology in Palestine-Israel 

    Kuruvilla, Samuel Jacob (University of ExeterTheology, 2009-04-28)
    Palestine is known as the birthplace of Christianity. However the Christian population of this land is relatively insignificant today, despite the continuing institutional legacy that the 19th century Western missionary ...
  • Radical innovation: making the right bets 

    Bessant, John; Möslein, Kathrin; Neyer, Anne-Katrin; Piller, Frank; Stamm, Bettina von (Advanced Institute for Management Research, 2009)
    Our research reveals that organisations, here in the UK and elsewhere, must face up to the complex challenges associated with exploring and developing radical ideas and innovations if they are to continue to be successful ...
  • Radon and skin cancer in southwest England: an ecologic study 

    Wheeler, BW; Allen, James; Depledge, MH; Curnow, Alison (Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins, 2012-01)
    Radon, a naturally occurring radioactive gas, is a carcinogen that causes a small proportion of lung cancers among exposed populations. Theoretical models suggest that radon may also be a risk factor for skin cancer, but ...
  • Raffles 

    Readers Library Publishing Co. Ltd; Hornung (2009-11-10)