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    27 August 2018U-Pb geochronology and petrogenesis of peraluminous granitoids from northern Indian plate in NW Pakistan: Andean type orogenic signatures from the early Paleozoic along the northern Gondwana  Sajid, M; Andersen, J; Rocholl, A; et al.
    1 July 2004U.K. annuity rates, money's worth and pension replacement ratios 1957–2002  Cannon, Edmund; Tonks, Ian
    23 September 2020U.K. climate projections: Summer daytime and nighttime urban heat island changes in England's major cities  Eunice Lo, YT; Mitchell, DM; Bohnenstengel, SI; et al.
    1 November 2016U.S. Foreign Trade Policy from the Revolution to World War I  Palen, M
    18 September 2019U.S. settler colonial climates: Southern California, Hawai‘i, and the healthful tropics  Knight Lozano, H
    23 May 2016UAE student, staff and educator attitudes towards character education  Farouki, Dala Taji
    3 October 2013UAE-Saudi Arabia Border Dispute: The Case of the 1974 Treaty of Jeddah  Al Mazrouei, Noura Saber Mohammed Saeed
    16 February 2018UAVs and Machine Learning Revolutionising Invasive Grass and Vegetation Surveys in Remote Arid Lands  Sandino, J; Gonzalez, F; Mengersen, K; et al.
    28 January 2019UBI MEL, IBI APES: On the evolutionary ecology of infectious diseases and intersections with apiculture.  Bartlett, L
    16 March 2021Ugandan stakeholder hopes and concerns about gene drive mosquitoes for malaria control: new directions for gene drive risk governance  Hartley, S; Smith, RDJ; Kokotovich, A; et al.
    1 July 2013UK air-sea integration in Libya, 2011: a successful blueprint for the future?  Till, Geoffrey; Robson, Martin
    16 September 2000UK and German media differ over complementary medicine  Ernst, E; Weihmayr, T
    28 June 2016UK Climate Change Risk Assessment Evidence Report 2017 : Chapter 7, International Dimensions  Challinor, A; Adger, N; Di Mauro, M; et al.
    2000UK evidence of auditor brand name and industry specialisation  McMeeking, Kevin P.; Pope, Peter F.; Peasnell, Ken V.
    22 September 2018UK higher education lecturers’ perspectives of dyslexia, dyslexic students and related disability provision  Ryder, D; Norwich, B
    12 March 2014UK innovation survey: highly innovative firms and growth  Coad, Alex; Cowling, Marc; Nightingale, Paul; et al.
    1 June 2010UK IPOs: long run returns, behavioural timing and pseudo timing  Gregory, Alan; Guermat, Cherif; Al-Shawawrah, Fawaz
    31 July 2018UK lung cancer screening model  Snowsill, TM; Yang, H; Griffin, E; et al.
    30 September 2022UK magnetosphere, ionosphere and solar-terrestrial (MIST) awards taskforce: A perspective  Walach, M-T; Agiwal, O; Allanson, O; et al.
    2014UK National Ecosystem Assessment Follow-on. Work Package Report 9: Embedding an Ecosystem Services Framework in appraisal: Key barriers and enablers  Russel, DJ; Turnpenny, J; Jordan, A; et al.