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  • Is Europe an Exceptional Case? 

    Davie, Grace (University of Virginia, 2006)
  • Progress report: religion and old age 

    Davie, Grace; Vincent, John (Cambridge University Press, 1998-01)
    The interconnections between religion and old age are complex; the more so given that the concept of age itself has – for a large part of human history – been determined by religious understandings of life. In traditional ...
  • Religion in Europe in the 21st Century: The Factors to Take into Account 

    Davie, Grace (Cambridge University Press, 2006-08)
    This article considers six factors that are currently shaping the religious life of Europe. These are the Judaeo-Christian heritage, the continuing influence of the historic churches, the changing patterns of church-going, ...
  • Vicarious Religion: A Response 

    Davie, Grace (Taylor and Francis, 2010-04)