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  • Collaborative care for depression in UK primary care: a randomized controlled trial 

    Richards, David; Lovell, Karina; Gilbody, Simon; Gask, L; Torgerson, D; Barkham, M; Bland, M; Bower, Peter; Lankshear, A.J; Simpson, A; Fletcher, J; Escott, D; Hennessy, Sue; Richardson, R (Cambridge University Press, 2008)
    Background. Collaborative care is an effective intervention for depression which includes both organizational and patient-level intervention components. The effect in the UK is unknown, as is whether cluster- or ...
  • Delivering stepped care: an analysis of implementation in routine practice 

    Richards, DA; Bower, Peter; Pagel, C; Weaver, A; Utley, M; Cape, J; Pilling, S; Lovell, K; Gilbody, S; Leibowitz, J; Owens, L; Paxton, R; Hennessy, S; Simpson, A; Gallivan, S; Tomson, D; Vasilakis, C (BioMed Central, 2012)
    In the United Kingdom, clinical guidelines recommend that services for depression and anxiety should be structured around a stepped care model, where patients receive treatment at different 'steps,' with the intensity of ...