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  • Observation of vortex dynamics in arrays of nanomagnets 

    Yu, W.; Keatley, Paul Steven; Gangmei, Prim; Marcham, Max K.; Loughran, T. H. J.; Hicken, R.J.; Cavill, Stuart A.; van der Laan, Gerrit; Childress, J.R.; Katine, J.A. (American Physical Society, 2015-05-22)
    Vortex dynamics within arrays of square ferromagnetic nanoelements have been studied by time-resolved scanningKerr microscopy (TRSKM),while x-ray photoemission electronmicroscopy has been used to investigate the equilibrium ...
  • Time- and vector-resolved Kerr microscopy of hard disk writers 

    Gangmei, Prim; Keatley, Paul Steven; Yu, W.; Hicken, R.J.; Gubbins, M.A.; Czoschke, P.J.; Lopusnik, R. (American Institute of Physics, 2011)
    Time-resolved scanning Kerr microscopy has been used to make wafer level measurements of magnetization dynamics within the yoke and pole piece of partially built hard disk writer structures. Three Cartesian components of ...