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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    7 September 2012Chemical Modification of graphene  Withers, Freddie
    31 March 2017The Chemistry of Hot Exoplanet Atmospheres: Developing and Applying Chemistry Schemes in 1D and 3D Models  Drummond, Benjamin
    12 April 2021The child's right to genital integrity: protecting the child, rejecting harmful practices, and enabling sexual autonomy  Townsend, KG
    28 March 2014Childhood Acquired Brain Injury: An Exploratory Study into the Educational Experiences of Children, Their Families and the Professionals who Support Them.  Wright, Victoria
    12 December 2012Children and Adolescents’ Affective Responses to Physical Activity  Hamlyn Williams, Charlotte Claire
    27 January 2020Children and Young People’s Experiences of the Transition Period from On- to Off-treatment for Childhood Cancer  Broere, S
    14 August 2014Children as Co-Researchers: The Impact of Researching Their Own Learning on Attitude to and Understanding of School Science  Gompertz, Susan Beth
    1 April 2019Children, Homicide and Accidents in Early Modern England and Wales, c. 1600-1730  Johns, A
    8 November 2021Children’s social interactions and play during the COVID-19 restrictions: A mixed-methods exploration of the views and experiences of children and their caregivers  Sowman, C
    23 August 2010The Chilean Naval Mutiny of 1931  Tromben Corbalán, Carlos René Manuel
    16 January 2012China, Pariah Status and International Society  Li, Meiting
    9 November 2020Chinese Face and Western Body: Images of Masculinity in Xu Beihong’s Paintings  Zhou Pearce, A
    6 June 2022Chinese International Students’ Mental Health and Help-Seeking During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Thematic Analysis.  Yong, S
    26 August 2016The chloroplast: A key component of plant defence and target of plant pathogens  Brown, Hannah
    27 March 2013Christ as the Telos of Life: Moral Philosophy, Athletic Imagery, and the Aim of Philippians  Arnold, Bradley
    2 November 2015The Christian Alexander: The Use of Alexander the Great in Early Christian Literature  Djurslev, Christian Thrue Djurslev
    26 September 2012‘Christian Philosophy’: Medical Alchemy and Christian Thought in the Work of Jan Baptista Van Helmont (1579-1644)  Hedesan, Delia Georgiana
    28 September 2010Christian Theologies of Suffering across the Centuries: An Examination of Suffering and Grief in the works of Gregory the Great, Julian of Norwich, Jeremy Taylor, C.S. Lewis and Ivone Gebara  James, Molly
    4 June 2008Christologically Inclusive Humanism  Chia, Mook Soo
    29 November 2021Chronology and Connectivity at Meroitic Faras  Bishop-Wright, H