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    1 October 2009A Case Study Examination into How Suppliers Create and Deliver Customer-Perceived Value through a Long-Term Industrial Buyer-Supplier Relationship  Scott, James Jonathan
    28 April 2014A Case Study of International Student Participation in an Undergraduate Module in Management in a UK Business School using the Lens of Activity Theory  Straker, John Oldfield
    16 November 2012A Cellular Automata Approach for the Simulation and Development of Advanced Phase Change Memory Devices  Vázquez Diosdado, Jorge Alberto
    26 September 2012‘Christian Philosophy’: Medical Alchemy and Christian Thought in the Work of Jan Baptista Van Helmont (1579-1644)  Hedesan, Delia Georgiana
    10 January 2022A closer look at cooperation: What factors influence non-strategic cooperative behaviour?  Titeca, H
    4 October 2010A Commentary on Cicero, Tusculan Disputations  Kennedy, Steven
    22 December 2014A Comparative Analysis of 'Defensive Democracy': a Cross-National Assessment of Formal-Legal Defensiveness in 8 Advanced European Democracies  Beimenbetov, Serik
    10 May 2011A comparative analysis of the student experience of international business programmes at the undergraduate level in three countries: Taiwan, Germany and the United Kingdom  Chang, Houheng
    28 May 2010A comparative and exploratory study of the Nfer-Nelson Emotional Literacy Scale in an Irish context  Flynn, Sara Jane
    23 April 2018A comparative genomic analysis of hydrocarbon synthesis in Desulfovibrio sp.  Dousseaud, Peggy Marie Madeleine
    9 September 2016A Comparative Investigation of Associative Processes in Executive-Control Paradigms  Meier, Christina
    8 May 2012A comparative perspective on educational policies for children of immigrants in Taiwan  Ho, Hsin-Jui
    25 August 2009A comparative study of liability arising from the carriage of dangerous goods between Chinese and English Law  Lu, Chang
    27 April 2020A Comparative Study of Natural Rehabilitation at a Former Mine Waste Site in the Carnon Valley, Cornwall  Luo, Z
    18 June 2008A Comparison of methods for the Systematic Review of Qualitative Research : Two Examples Using Meta-Ethnography and Meta-Study  Garside, Ruth
    5 May 2017A comparison of polynomial chaos and Gaussian process emulation for uncertainty quantification in computer experiments  Owen, Nathan Edward
    16 December 2019A Complex Systems Perspective on Multiple Language Learning: An Examination of Self-Regulation, Flow, Mindset, Grit, Expertise and Expert Performance  Henning, DD
    23 August 2010A Complex Work of Migration: Knowing, Working and Migrating in the Southwest of England  Vasey, David Huw
    23 July 2010A Comprehensive Analysis of Policy Diffusion: Regulatory Impact Analysis in EU and OECD Member States  De Francesco, Fabrizio
    1 December 2011A Comprehensive Conventional Weapons Convention: Military Expenditure, Conflict, Democracy, and Development Nexus  Alloush, Ayman