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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    28 April 2011Behaviour of alpha-elastin in bulk and at aqueous surfaces  Lindsay, Amanda
    3 March 2017Behavioural Activation for Depression in Long Term Conditions: Developing a Behavioural Activation Guided Self-Help Intervention for Depression in Dementia  Harris, Sarah Jane
    9 August 2011Behavioural Phenotypes: Associated Life-History Traits and Environmental Effects on Development  Edenbrow, Mathew
    28 September 2010Being a Female English Teacher: Narratives of Identities in the Iranian Academy  Khoddami, Fariba
    18 January 2017Being a Young Learner English Language Teacher in a Polish Primary School- Professional Self- Construction In a Climate Of a Reform  Sowa, Elżbieta
    1 June 2011Being Good with Money: Economic Bearings in George Eliot's Ethical and Social Thought  Coleman, Dermot
    1 November 2013Being in Brazil: An Autoethnographic Account of Becoming Ethically Responsible as a Practitioner-Researcher in Education  Blair, Andrea Jane
    22 November 2021Being in limbo: Digital Habitus and Contemporary Colonialism in the Case of Syrian Refugees in Turkey, Greece, and Germany  Öktem, B; Oktem, BÖ
    5 April 2018Being Mormon in Ireland: An Exploration of Religion in Modernity Through a Lens of Tradition and Change  O' Brien, Hazel
    14 May 2018Being, Reification and Ritual: The Esoteric Paradigm of Ibn Arabi  Abdelkhalek, Saliha Osama Farid
    15 April 2010Belly Dance and Glocalisation: Constructing Gender in Egypt and on the Global Stage  McDonald, Caitlin
    4 March 2016Benchmarking the Performance of Homogenisation Algorithms on Daily Temperature Data  Killick, Rachel Elizabeth
    1 October 2009Bernardin de Saint-Pierre après Paul et Virginie: Une étude des journaux et de la correspondance sur ses publications au début de la Révolution (1789-1792)  Jaffré-Cook, Odile
    4 February 2019Beta cell differentiation status in Type 2 Diabetes  Jeffery, N
    3 October 2017Between Dislocation and Domination: Palestinian Dual Marginality and Identity Construction in East Jerusalem 1993-2017  Leigh, Teisha Alexandra
    7 May 2019Between Paris and Al-Andalus: Bishop Maurice of Burgos and his World, c.1208-1238  Witcombe, T
    5 January 2016Between Performances, Texts, and Editions: The Changeling  Williams, Nora Jean
    30 November 2015Between Philosophy and ʿIrfān: Interpreting Mullā Ṣadrā from the Qajars to Post-Revolutionary Iran  Esmail, Zoheir Ali
    1 September 2016Between Policy Making and the Public Sphere: The Role of Rhetoric in Anglo-French Imperial Relations, 1940-1945  Chin, Rachel Renee
    7 March 2018Between Revolution and Political Stability: The Perceptions and Influences of the Arab Uprisings among the Islamist Movements in Malaysia  Saidin, Mohd Irwan Syazli Bin