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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    31 October 2013Carrots or Maltesers: Does it Matter? Context and Quality: Perspectives on Reading and Fiction for 11 - 16 Year Olds.  Hopper, Rosemary
    9 March 2020Cat-People: An Ethnography of More-Than-Human Interrelatedness in the Cat Fancy  Stone, E
    6 December 2021Catastrophe Testimony: Bearing Witness to the Epistemological, Existential and Moral Chasm Between Survivors and the World  Auerback, R
    17 October 2012Catholic-Protestant Controversy and the Shakespearean Stage: The Play of Polemic  Cattell, Daniel Charles
    10 January 2022Causal analysis of the effect of weight status on education and wage outcomes  Kesaite, V
    8 June 2020Causality of the Link between Autumn Arctic Sea Ice and the Winter Extratropical Atmosphere  Warner, J
    3 July 2017Causes and consequences of individual variation in the plasticity of incubation and embryonic heart rate in the cooperatively breeding chestnut-crowned babbler (Pomatostomus ruficeps)  Cones, Alexandra Guerin
    23 November 2020Causes and consequences of mine waste microbial community structure  Sbaffi, T
    3 July 2013Causes and consequences of oxidative stress in a cooperatively breeding bird  Cram, Dominic Laurence
    17 September 2010Causes and Consequences of Variation in Dispersal Strategy in an Arctic Migrant  Harrison, Xavier
    25 May 2017Causes and fitness consequences of telomere dynamics in a wild social bird  Wood, Emma Mary
    19 October 2020Celebrating local saints in a civitas. The role of archbishops in the production of local liturgy in Trier (882- c. 1050)  Van Raaij, L
    17 February 2020Cellulose and Graphene: A Raman Study on their Interface and Design of a Triboelectric Nanogenerator  Morgan, J
    25 November 2014Central Asian Economies And Ecologies In The Late Bronze Age: Geometric Morphometrics of the Caprid Astragalus And Zooarchaeological Investigations Of Pastoralism  Haruda, Ashleigh Francis
    28 October 2015Central control and local government performance in the context of fiscal crises : the South Korean experience  Kim, Suhee
    3 February 2009Central Management of Local Performance: A Comparison of England and Korea  Lee, Dong-Ok
    4 December 2012Ceramic-Carbon Nanotube Composites and Their Potential Applications  Parham, Hamed
    12 May 2011CFD Simulation of Flow through Packed Beds using the Finite Volume Technique  Baker, Matthew J.
    6 June 2014Challenge and Threat States in Motivated Performance Situations  Moore, Lee J.
    13 June 2014Challenges Faced by Foraging Eastern Grey Squirrels, Sciurus Carolinensis: Competition, Pilferage and Predation Risks.  Jayne, Kimberley