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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    21 December 2015Ecological patterns in plant defence chemistry and herbivore responses in natural populations of Brassica oleracea  Goodey, Nicole Ann
    23 May 2017Ecological Politics and Practices in Introduced Species Management  Crowley, Sarah Louise
    11 December 2014Ecological Responses to Climate Variability in West Cornwall  Kosanic, Aleksandra
    7 February 2012Ecology and Conservation of Sea Turtles in Peru  Alfaro Shigueto, Joanna Olga Gissella
    23 April 2019Ecology and conservation of the leatherback sea turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) nesting in Brazil  Poggio Colman, L
    8 March 2021Ecology and management of predation of wildlife by domestic cats  Cecchetti, M
    24 April 2013Ecology of marine turtles across the eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East  Rees, Alan Frederick
    1 October 2014Ecology of Marine Turtles under Climate Change  Stokes, Kimberley Laura
    31 July 2017Ecology of the green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas L) in a changing world  Caldas Patrício, Ana Rita
    21 October 2019Ecology of translocated pine martens Martes martes and their impacts on grey squirrels Sciurus carolinensis  McNicol, CM
    20 December 2012Economic Development, Labour Policy, and Trade Unions in the Sudan, 1898-1958  Curless, Gareth
    8 August 2016Economic Expansion and Geographical Affect in Mid-Nineteenth-Century British Fiction  Hunter, Georgina Rose Radermacher
    1 June 2012Economic Factors in Middle East Foreign Policies: the Case of Oil and Gas Exporters with Special Reference to Saudi Arabia and Iran  Mason, Robert
    18 September 2017Economics in Corporate Governance in Non-profit Maximising Firms  Chao, Bing
    2 January 2014Ecoseismology: Writing the Wild in Crisis  Darlington, Miriam
    16 November 2020Edition and Analysis of Twenty-Five Unpublished Aramaic Magic Bowl Texts in the Collection of the Vorderasiatisches Museum (Berlin)  Burberry, A
    1 February 2017Educating for global citizenship in Egypt's private sector: A critical study of cosmopolitanism among the Egyptian student elite  El-Badawy, Emman Seif El Din
    11 April 2016Educating Professionals and Professionalising Education in Research-Intensive Universities: Opportunities, Challenges, Rewards and Values  Hilli, Pia Elisabet Angelique
    9 December 2019Education as Aesthoecology  Turner, C
    8 October 2013Education as an Ethnic Defence Strategy: The Case of the Iraqi Disputed Territories  Shanks, Kelsey Jayne