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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    7 May 2013Identity-Complexity, Stigmatised Identities and Psychological Well-being in Adolescents  Beckley, Paul
    26 May 2020Illness representations and associated coping responses in adults experiencing multimorbidity: A systematic review and narrative synthesis.  Donegan, C
    29 March 2012Illuminating Flatland: Nonlinear and Nonequilibrium Optical Properties of Graphene  Hale, Peter J.
    4 March 2016Illuminating the Chorus in the Shadows: Elizabethan and Jacobean Exeter 1550-1610  Osborne, Kate
    5 March 2010Image Based Finite Element Modelling for the Mechanical Characterisation of Complex Material Systems  Notarberardino, Bruno
    18 April 2018Images of Headship. A narrative inquiry into the construction of identities for Headteachers in all girls’ selective independent schools.  Pascoe, Caroline Ann
    2 June 2016Images of Identity: Understanding the Professional Identities of Art Educators through Arts-Based Educational Research  Key, Sarah Gayle
    31 January 2015Imagination: The Making of Kurdish National Identity in the Kurdish Journalistic Discourse (1898-1914)  Ekici, Denis Kendal
    25 March 2013Imagining Archaeology: Nature and Landscape in the work of Thomas Hardy and Richard Jefferies  Welshman, Rebecca
    14 December 2012Immanent Creativity and Constitutive Power  Dunford, Robin Frederick
    11 August 2017Impacts of artificial nighttime light on moths and their food plants  Somers-Yeates, Robin Huw
    1 April 2019Impacts of fire, climate and land-use change on terrestrial ecosystems  Burton, C
    21 July 2016Impacts of Revised Geologic Forcing Factors on the Phanerozoic Carbon Cycle  Williams, Joshua James
    22 October 2009Impacts of the human pharmaceutical diclofenac in the aquatic environment  Mehinto, Alvine Coralie
    22 December 2016Imperialism and Cultural Institutions: The Formation of French Syria and Lebanon.  Ouahes, Idir
    6 August 2015Implementation of Peer Observation of Teaching in ELT Tertiary Education System in Malaysia: A Social-constructionism View  Sanif, Sazuliana
    30 May 2013Implementing Change in Practice Following Staff In-Service Training on Attachment and Resilience: An Action Research Study  Patel, Shinel
    11 September 2017Implementing graphene and other materials into Cash in transit (CIT) boxes to enhance security  Khetani, Mukondraj
    4 April 2011Implementing Inclusive Education in Botswana Primary School Settings: An Exploration of Teachers' Understandings of Curriculum, Curriculum Adaptations and Learners Who Have Learning Difficulties  Otukile-Mongwaketse, Mpho Esther
    30 September 2015Implementing Learner Independence as an Institutional Goal: Teacher and Student Interpretations of Autonomy in Learning English  Ostrowska, Sabina Anna