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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    17 May 2012Leaders’ Personal Performance and Prototypicality as Interactive Determinants of Social Identity Advancement  Steffens, Niklas
    21 April 2011Leading Change for Environmental Management Practices in Tourism: the case of SMEs in South West England  Zschiegner, Anne-Kathrin Conny
    11 December 2015Leading, Knowing and Growing from a Wu Wei Perspective: A Study of Logistics SMEs in Shanghai, China  Li, Hongqin
    2 March 2020Learning Augmented Optimization for Network Softwarization in 5G  Cheng, X
    1 June 2011Learning from Langland: theo-poetic resources for the post-Hind landscape  Burn, Helen Mary
    29 April 2013Learning from the Master. How Thomas Arnold’s Christian convictions shaped his view of what makes a good education, with reflections and applications for the twenty-first century.  Cameron, Ian William
    3 October 2008Learning Partnerships - the art of handling ambiguity  Meaney, Patrick Anthony
    16 November 2016Learning Through Performance: Theatre, Education and the First World War at the Beginning of the Centenary Moment  Phipps, Amanda Dawn
    6 June 2011Learning to Live interculturally: an exploration of experience and learning among a group of international students at a university in the UK  Rich, Sarah Alice Louise
    6 April 2020Learning to live with a new educational technology: an exploration of tertiary teachers’ experience in the Middle East  Cavalcanti, E
    2 June 2014Learning to Teach English: Untrained Beginning Teachers During their First Year of Teaching in Syria  Jesry, Abdulrahman
    3 January 2017Legal Risks Faced By Investors in Dealing with Islamic Financial Transactions and Mitigation Actions/Strategies to Keep Off Legal Risks: The Case of Murabaha Transaction  Almohana, Mohammad
    21 October 2010Legal, Regulatory, and Fiscal Determinants of Venture Capital Investments  Thiengtham, Dolruedee
    17 May 2010Legitimacy, Identity and Conflict: The Struggle for Political Authority in Southern Sudan, 2005-2010  Washburne, Sarah Lykes
    31 May 2013Lego Therapy: Developing Social Competence in Children with Asperger Syndrome Through Collaborative Lego Play  Brett, Elinor
    23 July 2007Lesbian literatures of age and identity: the ‘in-between worlds’ within ageing  Lowery, Penelope Jane
    11 May 2020Liberty and Equality in British Methodist Thought: From John Wesley to the Present Day.  Speirs, D
    30 January 2014Libya and Illegal Transit Migration  Fadel, Souad Mohamed Ali
    20 September 2016Life in the nucleus, the genomic basis of energy exploitation by intranuclear microsporidia  Wiredu Boakye, Dominic
    25 October 2012Life-history variation and evolved response to food stress in Oncopeltus fasciatus (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae)  Attisano, Alfredo