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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    12 February 2014Re-Purchase Intention for Product-Service Systems: The Impact of Co-Capability in Value Creation  Phillips, Laura Anne
    6 June 2018Re-thinking ‘Flourishing’ as an Organic Concept of the Good: The Interpretation of Development and the Evaluation of Life  Griffiths, Jack
    13 January 2012Reactive Nationalism in a Homogenizing State: The Kurdish Nationalism Movement in Ba’thist Iraq, 1963 – 2003  Resool, Shorsh Mustafa
    28 September 2012Readerly Curiosity: theorizing narrative experience in the Greek novel  Dollins, Elizabeth Louisa Grace
    12 September 2017Readerly Dialogues: Reception, Intertextuality, and the Other in Contemporary French Women’s Writing  Daroczi, Sandra
    29 August 2012Ready to learn? A qualitative investigation into what key stage 2 children say contributes to their subjective well-being and facilitates their learning in school, and the development of an instrument to capture change in this domain.  Aldrich, Sarah Jane
    28 March 2018Real-time Operational Response Methodology for Reducing Failure Impacts in Water Distribution Systems  Mahmoud, Herman Abdulqadir Mahmoud
    27 February 2017Rebuilding the Iraqi State: The Regional Dimension of Ethno-Sectarian Conflict (2003-2016)  Ahmed, Zubir Rasool
    2 June 2015Recent Trends in the Land Carbon Cycle  Murray Tortarolo, Guillermo Nicolas
    28 March 2022Reclaiming White Privilege: The Crisis of White Masculinity in Post-World War II American Literature  Keramidas, M-A
    31 October 2016Reconciling Irreconcilables? The British Government's Comprehensive Approach to Post-Conflict Peacebuilding  Boulton, Ben David
    19 August 2019Reconfigurable Phase-Change Metasurface Absorbers for Optoelectronics Device Applications  García-Cuevas Carrillo, S
    23 March 2020Reconfigurable phase-change optical metasurfaces: novel design concepts to practicable devices  Ruiz De Galarreta Fanjul, C
    22 October 2018Reconfigurable three-terminal logic devices using phase-change materials  Al-Shahrablee, Ammar Adel Hasah
    25 February 2016Reconfiguring the Universe: The Contest for Time and Space in the Roman Imperial Cults and 1 Peter  Wan, Wei Hsien
    25 September 2012Reconsidering "The Conspiracy of Catiline": Participants, Concepts, and Terminology in Cicero and Sallust  Kananack, Claude Henry Embleton
    23 May 2022Reconstructing the development of the early medieval church, with Somerset as a case study  Lomas, C
    27 January 2012Reconstructing the Medieval Landscape of Devon: Comparing the Results of Cartographic Analysis and the Domesday Survey  Sandover, Richard John
    24 June 2019Reconstructing the southern Greenland Ice Sheet and deep ocean circulation during the Plio-Pleistocene intensification of Northern Hemisphere glaciation  Blake-Mizen, K
    13 October 2008Reconstruction of technological choice, social practice and networks of exchange from a ceramic perspective in the Middle Bronze Age Cyclades  Hilditch, Jillian Ruth