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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    6 June 2018Re-thinking ‘Flourishing’ as an Organic Concept of the Good: The Interpretation of Development and the Evaluation of Life  Griffiths, Jack
    13 January 2012Reactive Nationalism in a Homogenizing State: The Kurdish Nationalism Movement in Ba’thist Iraq, 1963 – 2003  Resool, Shorsh Mustafa
    28 September 2012Readerly Curiosity: theorizing narrative experience in the Greek novel  Dollins, Elizabeth Louisa Grace
    12 September 2017Readerly Dialogues: Reception, Intertextuality, and the Other in Contemporary French Women’s Writing  Daroczi, Sandra
    29 August 2012Ready to learn? A qualitative investigation into what key stage 2 children say contributes to their subjective well-being and facilitates their learning in school, and the development of an instrument to capture change in this domain.  Aldrich, Sarah Jane
    28 March 2018Real-time Operational Response Methodology for Reducing Failure Impacts in Water Distribution Systems  Mahmoud, Herman Abdulqadir Mahmoud
    27 February 2017Rebuilding the Iraqi State: The Regional Dimension of Ethno-Sectarian Conflict (2003-2016)  Ahmed, Zubir Rasool
    2 June 2015Recent Trends in the Land Carbon Cycle  Murray Tortarolo, Guillermo Nicolas
    31 October 2016Reconciling Irreconcilables? The British Government's Comprehensive Approach to Post-Conflict Peacebuilding  Boulton, Ben David
    19 August 2019Reconfigurable Phase-Change Metasurface Absorbers for Optoelectronics Device Applications  García-Cuevas Carrillo, S
    23 March 2020Reconfigurable phase-change optical metasurfaces: novel design concepts to practicable devices  Ruiz De Galarreta Fanjul, C
    22 October 2018Reconfigurable three-terminal logic devices using phase-change materials  Al-Shahrablee, Ammar Adel Hasah
    25 February 2016Reconfiguring the Universe: The Contest for Time and Space in the Roman Imperial Cults and 1 Peter  Wan, Wei Hsien
    25 September 2012Reconsidering "The Conspiracy of Catiline": Participants, Concepts, and Terminology in Cicero and Sallust  Kananack, Claude Henry Embleton
    27 January 2012Reconstructing the Medieval Landscape of Devon: Comparing the Results of Cartographic Analysis and the Domesday Survey  Sandover, Richard John
    24 June 2019Reconstructing the southern Greenland Ice Sheet and deep ocean circulation during the Plio-Pleistocene intensification of Northern Hemisphere glaciation  Blake-Mizen, K
    13 October 2008Reconstruction of technological choice, social practice and networks of exchange from a ceramic perspective in the Middle Bronze Age Cyclades  Hilditch, Jillian Ruth
    14 August 2014Reconstructions of Late Holocene Storminess in Europe and the Role of the North Atlantic Oscillation  Orme, Lisa Claire
    1 October 2008Recovery and analysis of director profiles in liquid crystal cells  Cornford, Stephen Leslie
    22 February 2011Recovery of Lithium from China Clay Waste Using a Combination of Froth Flotation, Magnetic Separation, Roasting and Leaching  Siame, Edward