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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    28 September 2014Science, Practice, and Justification: the A Priori Revisited  Basoukos, Antonios
    24 February 2020Score Decompositions in Forecast Verification  Mitchell, K
    5 October 2020Scott Ankrett DClinPsy Thesis 2020 Paper One: The Efficacy of Interventions That Facilitate Social Participation on Outcomes of Social Participation and Quality of Life in Adults with Acquired Brain Injury. Paper Two: Improving Peer Relationships for Adolescents with Acquired Brain Injury: Using Intervention Mapping as a Framework to Identify Targets for Intervention.  Ankrett, S
    5 October 2015Screening and Engineering of Geobacillus spp. for Consolidated Bioprocessing of Lignocellulosic Biomass  Kent, Ross William
    8 November 2021Sea state from monoscopic ocean video in real environments  Loizou, A
    26 July 2018Seafarers, Silk, and Science: Oceanographic Data in the Making  Halfmann, Gregor
    19 September 2014Seamless Evaluation of Stochastic Physics Parametrizations  Sanchez, Claudio
    9 June 2014Searching for Breakdowns on the Diversion Routes from SEN Tribunals: An Exploration of Disagreement Resolution Processes  Dyer, Joshua Bendict
    11 March 2016Secrecy Redefined: Print Culture and the Globalization of Occult Philosophies in the Long Nineteenth Century  Oates, Lori Lee
    11 September 2013Secreted Proteins in Microsporidian Parasites: A Functional and Evolutionary Perspective on Host-parasite Interactions.  Campbell, Scott Edward
    24 January 2017Secrets of the Deep: The Molecular Genetics of Cryptic Beaked Whales  Thompson, Kirsten Freja
    26 March 2010Sectarian Relations in Arab Iraq: Competing Mythologies of People, History and State  Haddad, Fanar
    12 October 2020Secularism Confronts Islamism: Divergent Paths of Transitional Negotiations in Egypt and Tunisia  Affan, M
    29 September 2011Securing the Gender Order: Homosexuality and the British Armed Forces  Bulmer, Sarah Elizabeth
    23 August 2010Securing the Population from Insurgency and Subversion in the Second Emergency (1968-1981)  Ong, Weichong
    1 June 2021Security Landscape of the Arabian Gulf Post 2011: A Bahraini perspective  Albinmohamed, B
    8 August 2013Security-Priming in Trauma-Exposed Individuals: an fMRI study  Iles, Andrew Thomas
    11 July 2014Sedentary Behaviour and Health  Pulsford, Richard Michael
    23 August 2021Seeing the light: germination, growth and flowering responses in wildflowers under artificial nighttime lighting  Anic Thomas, V
    25 August 2015Selection and characterisation of the awake mutants with altered seed dormancy in response to temperature in Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heyn.  Fedi, Fabio