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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    5 October 2015Screening and Engineering of Geobacillus spp. for Consolidated Bioprocessing of Lignocellulosic Biomass  Kent, Ross William
    26 July 2018Seafarers, Silk, and Science: Oceanographic Data in the Making  Halfmann, Gregor
    19 September 2014Seamless Evaluation of Stochastic Physics Parametrizations  Sanchez, Claudio
    9 June 2014Searching for Breakdowns on the Diversion Routes from SEN Tribunals: An Exploration of Disagreement Resolution Processes  Dyer, Joshua Bendict
    11 March 2016Secrecy Redefined: Print Culture and the Globalization of Occult Philosophies in the Long Nineteenth Century  Oates, Lori Lee
    11 September 2013Secreted Proteins in Microsporidian Parasites: A Functional and Evolutionary Perspective on Host-parasite Interactions.  Campbell, Scott Edward
    24 January 2017Secrets of the Deep: The Molecular Genetics of Cryptic Beaked Whales  Thompson, Kirsten Freja
    26 March 2010Sectarian Relations in Arab Iraq: Competing Mythologies of People, History and State  Haddad, Fanar
    12 October 2020Secularism Confronts Islamism: Divergent Paths of Transitional Negotiations in Egypt and Tunisia  Affan, M
    29 September 2011Securing the Gender Order: Homosexuality and the British Armed Forces  Bulmer, Sarah Elizabeth
    23 August 2010Securing the Population from Insurgency and Subversion in the Second Emergency (1968-1981)  Ong, Weichong
    8 August 2013Security-Priming in Trauma-Exposed Individuals: an fMRI study  Iles, Andrew Thomas
    11 July 2014Sedentary Behaviour and Health  Pulsford, Richard Michael
    25 August 2015Selection and characterisation of the awake mutants with altered seed dormancy in response to temperature in Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heyn.  Fedi, Fabio
    5 March 2012Selection and Early Career Education of Executive Officers in the Royal Navy c1902-1939  Romans, Elinor Frances
    13 January 2020Selection for antibiotic resistance in complex microbial communities  Stanton, I
    11 August 2017Selection for antibiotic resistance in the aquatic environment: novel assays to detect effect concentrations of micropollutants  Murray, Aimee Kaye
    1 August 2011Selective Laser Melting of Advanced Metal Alloys for Aerospace Applications  Jerrard, Peter George Eveleigh
    22 August 2014Self beyond Self/Lost in Practice: Surveillance, appearance and posthuman possibilities for critical selfhood in children's services in England  Hubbard, Ruth
    5 May 2015Self-Compassion and Attachment Priming: Does Security Priming Aid Self-Compassion in Self-Critical Individuals?  Roy, Amaryllis