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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    25 July 2016Understanding Dyslexia Implications of the identification of and Support for Children with Dyslexia in Kuwaiti Primary Schools  Altamimi, Reem
    8 April 2019Understanding Early Writing: Pre-school and Primary Teachers’ Beliefs about Writing Development and the Relationship between Espoused Beliefs, Classroom Practice and Young Writers  Yigit, V
    8 April 2015Understanding Extremes and Clustering in Chaotic Maps and Financial Returns Data  Alokley, Sara Ali
    18 December 2015Understanding fire histories: the importance of charcoal morphology  Crawford, Alastair James
    30 March 2015Understanding Frailty in Older Adults and its Relationship with Ageing Perceptions  Warmoth, Krystal
    17 June 2019Understanding Future Changes in Tropical Rainfall and its Variability  Todd, A
    1 February 2016Understanding GAP as a ‘Social Development’ Project: Failure or Success?  Ozkahraman, Cemal
    19 December 2017Understanding Google: Search Engines and the Changing Nature of Access, Thought and Knowledge within a Global Context  Graham, Richard Norroy
    31 March 2015Understanding Local Public Responses to a High-voltage Transmission Power Line Proposal in South-West England: Investigating the Role of Life-place Trajectories and Project-related Factors  Bailey, Etienne Benjamin
    8 May 2015Understanding Northern Hemisphere land precipitation change  Osborne, Joe M.
    20 January 2020Understanding of Non-technical Words in Chemistry: A Case Study of Saudi EFL (English as a Foreign Language) College Students  Shafi, A
    27 November 2013Understanding Opportunities for South West Businesses to Diversify into the Marine Renewable Energy Supply Chain  Pound, Amanda
    7 October 2019Understanding performance under pressure: anxiety, attention, cognitive biases and the perception of failure  Payne, K
    3 October 2013Understanding Poor Help-seeking Rates for Major Depressive Disorder  Farmer, Caroline
    27 May 2016Understanding Structure and Function in Semiarid Ecosystems: Implications for Terrestrial Carbon Dynamics in Drylands  Cunliffe, Andrew Michael
    30 March 2020Understanding Teaching Practices of Inclusive Participation for Male Students with Autism in Saudi Arabian Primary Schools  Alkeraida, A
    7 December 2020Understanding the Depths of Brown Dwarfs and Giant Exoplanets: Modelling Substellar Atmospheres  Phillips, M
    17 July 2017Understanding the Discourse of British Muslim NGOs: Islamic Relief and MADE as Case Studies  Pettinato, Davide Domenico
    25 August 2014Understanding the Ecohydrology of Shallow, Drained and Marginal Blanket Peatlands  Luscombe, David J.
    19 November 2014Understanding the effects of different grassland management practices on the soil-to-water transfer continuum  Peukert, Sabine