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    25 July 2013Weight Matters: An Investigation of Women's Narratives about their Experiences of Weight Management and the Implications for Health Education  Browne, Lisa Caroline
    29 June 2020Welcome arrivals? The ecology and distribution of range-shifting gilthead seabream Sparus aurata in UK inshore waters  Lewis, J
    9 March 2015Western Support to Warlords in Afghanistan from 2001 - 2014 and its Effect on Political Legitimacy  Morgan Edwards, Lucy Helen
    21 October 2019What are in Learning Disability (LD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) names? An exploration of LD and ADHD labels in primary mainstream schools in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  Algraigray, H
    30 April 2018What are People’s Experiences of Orthorexia Nervosa, as Described in Online Blogs?  Greville-Harris, Maddy
    8 August 2017What are the Delivery System Design Characteristics of Information-Centric Mass Claims Processes?  Alves, Kyle Vierra
    5 January 2016What are we missing by ignoring text records in the Clinical Practice Research Datalink? Using three symptoms of cancer as examples to estimate the extent of data in text format that is hidden to research  Price, Sarah Jane
    16 July 2014What are we, who are we and how does that Position us? Change and Continuity in the Identity of a new University  Cook, Karen Mary
    9 May 2017What Can and Cannot be Said: Discourses of Spirituality and Religion in Clinical Psychology  Challis, Elizabeth
    17 June 2019What did the fox say? Assessing the role of foxes through ethnographic and archaeological contexts  Li, XUELEI
    21 July 2016What factors influence Galen’s development of a theory of black bile for his explanation of health and disease in the body?  Stewart, Keith Andrew
    12 October 2020What Hope Lies Buried Here: Differential Mortality and Mortuary Treatment of Adolescents in Dubuque's Third Street Cemetery  Mack, JE
    21 January 2011What Influences Student Teachers' Ability to Promote Dialogic Talk in the Primary Classroom?  Fisher, Anne
    8 February 2021What is a reasonable response to sexual harassment?  Dimitriou, E
    11 January 2013What is it like to be Muslim in Thailand? A case study of Thailand through Muslim professionals’ perspectives  Putthongchai, Songsiri
    1 June 2020What is revealed about disability services and how they are communicated to autistic students in higher education institutions in the UK and Saudi Arabia through the medium of the university website: A documentary analysis  Almasoud, H
    13 January 2020What mechanisms have produced a self-regulating Earth system?  Nicholson, AE
    7 January 2013What students talk about when they talk about reading: a study of self-concept in reading in a second or foreign language  Walker, Carolyn Rosemary
    5 May 2015What the body knows about teaching music. The specialist preschool music teacher's pedagogical content knowing regarding teaching and learning rhythm skills viewed from an embodied cognition perspective  Bremmer, Melissa Lucie Viola
    24 July 2017What types of science count? Exploring the formal, informal and hidden curricula in undergraduate medical education, with a particular focus on beliefs about science and knowledge.  McGregor-Harper, Judith Lesley