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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    7 March 2018Between Revolution and Political Stability: The Perceptions and Influences of the Arab Uprisings among the Islamist Movements in Malaysia  Saidin, Mohd Irwan Syazli Bin
    1 April 2019Beyond Conflict: Lessons from the Fields  Lord, P
    18 April 2017Beyond Sheikhs and Merchants: The Role of Balancing Powers in Pre-Independence Kuwaiti Politics (1921-1962)  Alebrahim, Abdulrahman
    18 September 2009Beyond the Code: Unpacking Tacit Knowledge and Embodied Cognition in the Practical Action of Curating Contemporary Art  Acord, Sophia Krzys
    7 June 2017Beyond the Dyad: The Role of Groups and Third-Parties in the Trajectory of Violence  Philpot, Richard
    24 July 2012Beyond Words: A Multimodal Approach to Translation Applied to Global Standardised Advertising Campaigns in International Women's Magazines  Santafe Aso, Isabel
    5 January 2015Bharata’s Natyashastra-based Theatre Analysis Model: An experiment on British South Asian and contemporary Indian theatre in English  Chavda, Mrunal Prabhudas
    20 June 2016Bi-electron bound states in single- and double-layer graphene nanostructures  Marnham, Lachlan Leslie
    6 September 2016Biases and Discrimination: An Economic Analysis using Lab and Field Experiments  Pearce, Graeme
    21 February 2012Biblical Perspectives on the Holiness of Place, Body, and Mortality in The Jerusalem Syndrome Collection  Levine, Abbi
    3 June 2019Bio-inspired Magnetic Systems: Controlled Swimming, Fluid Pumps, and Collective Behaviour  Hamilton, J
    20 September 2013Bio-Inspired Optical Systems  Lethbridge, Alfred John
    11 May 2017Bioaccumulation, biological effects and trophic transfer of metal (oxide) nanoparticles in marine invertebrates  Baker, Antony James
    1 March 2009Biochemical and structural characterisation of a thermophilic Aldo-Keto Reductase fromThermotoga maritima  Simon, Willies
    28 September 2011Biochemical and Structural Characterisation of Dehalogenases from Marine Bacteria  Novak, Halina
    8 June 2016Biochemical characterisation of unusual glycolytic enzymes from the human intestinal parasite Blastocystis hominis  Abdulla, Sheera
    16 December 2019Biofuel Policy and Politics in Indonesia: How Large Agro Industries Gained Favour from Government Biofuel Policy  Kapriadi, AY
    28 February 2011Biogeomorphology of Coastal Structures: Understanding interactions between hard substrata and colonising organisms as a tool for ecological enhancement  Coombes, Martin Andrew
    20 April 2018Bioinformatic analysis of biotechnologically important microbial communities  Jones, Katy June
    2 April 2013Bioinformatics of next generation sequencing approaches: using 454 and Illumina data to look at insect genomes and transcriptomes  Chauhan, Ritika