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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    8 October 2013Education as an Ethnic Defence Strategy: The Case of the Iraqi Disputed Territories  Shanks, Kelsey Jayne
    30 September 2009Education Policy and the Development of the Colonial State in the Belgian Congo, 1916-1939.  Dunkerley, Marie Elizabeth
    19 March 2009Education Policy in Saudi Arabia and its Relation to Secondary School Teachers’ ICT Use, Perceptions, and Views of the Future of ICT in Education  Oyaid, Afnan
    1 May 2015Education, disability and armed conflict: A theory of Africanising education in Uganda  Businge, Patrick Rusoke
    31 January 2017Education, sustainability and intersubjectivity: Exploring the possibility of the emergence of new ways of knowing, being and acting in the world  Chave, Sarah Sian
    17 November 2015Effect of Goal Discrepancy Rumination on Overgeneral Memory  Lanning, Laura Ellen Rose
    17 January 2022Effect of Pre- and Intra-Exercise Nutritional Interventions on the Skeletal Muscle Metabolic and Functional Response to Endurance Exercise and Training  Davenport, A
    7 May 2008Effective and Ineffective University Teaching from the Students’ and Faculty’s Perspectives: Matched or Mismatched Expectations?  Raymond, Sylvie Marguerite
    29 September 2010Effective Emotional Literacy Programmes: Teachers' Perceptions  Al-Rawahi, Nuhaila Mohamed Said
    8 February 2012Effective Financial Development, Inequality and Poverty  Asad, Humaira
    28 July 2014Effectiveness of Protected Areas and Implications for Conservation of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services  Duran, America Paz
    16 August 2017Effectiveness of the Interactional Approach to the Teaching of Writing Compared With the Traditional / Non Interaction-based Approach of English Language Teaching Used in the Saudi Arabian University Context  Idrees, Muhammad Wafa Khalid
    26 April 2016Effects of a Bibliotherapy Based Intervention on Literacy, Behaviour and Self-efficacy of Disaffected Adolescents  Rivers, Vivian Lynne
    2 March 2020Effects of Cadmium on Neutrophil Biology and the Potential Role in Autoantigen Formation in Rheumatoid Arthritis  Clarke, A
    28 May 2008Effects of Captivity and Implications for Ex-situ Conservation: with special reference to red panda (Ailurus fulgens)  Jule, Kristen
    14 March 2017Effects of English medium instruction on students' learning experiences and quality of education in content courses in a public college in Oman  AlBakri, Saousan
    4 March 2019Effects of near surface ocean gradients upon shelf sea air–sea gas exchange estimates  Sims, R
    18 June 2015Effects of neonicotinoid pesticide exposure on bee health: Molecular, physiological and behavioural investigations  Collison, Elizabeth Jane
    27 March 2013Effects of pharmaceuticals in fish: In vitro and in vivo studies  Corcoran, Jenna Frances
    20 August 2014Effects of Rearing Conditions on Growth, Development and Moulting in European Lobster (Homarus Gammarus)  Middlemiss, Karen Lewanne