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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    5 October 2020Geostatistical methods for improved quantification of ice mass bed topography  Bartlett, O
    15 April 2019Getting Back in Through Others: Patient Views on Psychotherapy for Complex PTSD  Matheson, C
    28 June 2010Getting In and Getting On: Isolated Bilingual Children's Experiences of Schooling in Primary Schools  Davis, Loraine Madeleine
    28 September 2009Giant planet formation and migration  Ayliffe, Benjamin A.
    28 July 2017Girlhood, Sexuality and Identity in England, 1950-1980  Charnock, Hannah Louise
    22 July 2016Girls Behaving Badly? An Ethnographic Exploration of Girls’ Micro Performances of Gender and Behaviour in a State Secondary School  Dawson, Lynda Margaret
    17 October 2014Giving Children a Chance to be Children: Care, Memory and Identity in the Countryside  Tverin, Tea Marika
    7 August 2018Giving Metamaterials a Hand  Barr, Lauren
    27 April 2020Glacial-interglacial response of the global overturning circulation to southern forcing; carbon cycle applications  Baker, J
    30 June 2011Glass Poly-Vinyl-Phosphonate Cements with Reactive Aluminium Hydroxide Coated Sub-micron Anatase Filler  Brookbank, Paul A.
    16 May 2018Global Aspirations and Local Obligations: An Ethnographic Exploration of Classed and Gendered Identities in Three Delhi Primary School Communities  Arnold, Benjamin Mark
    30 September 2014Global warming: Carbon-nutrient interactions and warming effects on soil carbon dynamics  Asandei, Ancuta
    20 July 2020Globalisation and the Rurality of Everyday Life: Cases Study of Guangdong, China  Wu, X
    5 August 2019Goal Flexibility as a Predictor of Depression, Rumination and Homesickness in Students  Bachu, M
    15 July 2014God, Evolution and the Problem of Evil:Towards a Solution  White, Derek John
    13 January 2020Gods and Goods: Psychoanalysis, Holism and Modernist Women  Tomcic, A
    15 July 2015Going beyond the Domestic Sphere: Women’s Literature for Children, 1856-1902  Kim, Koeun
    8 March 2021Going to the museum together: The impact of including carers in museum programmes for people with dementia  Kinsey, D
    29 September 2015Going West: Intra-European Immgration after the fall of the Berlin Wall in Western European films.  Anagnostopoulou, Sevastiana
    20 June 2011Gold and Base Metal Exploration Studies Based on Mineralogical and Geochemical Characterisation of Stream Sediments from North Pakistan  Ali, Liaqat