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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    21 November 2016Geopoetics: A mindfulness (sati) site-specific performance practice  Tzakou, Anna
    5 October 2020Geostatistical methods for improved quantification of ice mass bed topography  Bartlett, O
    15 April 2019Getting Back in Through Others: Patient Views on Psychotherapy for Complex PTSD  Matheson, C
    28 June 2010Getting In and Getting On: Isolated Bilingual Children's Experiences of Schooling in Primary Schools  Davis, Loraine Madeleine
    23 May 2022Getting their acts together: A coordinated systems approach to extended cognition  Sims, R
    28 September 2009Giant planet formation and migration  Ayliffe, Benjamin A.
    28 July 2017Girlhood, Sexuality and Identity in England, 1950-1980  Charnock, Hannah Louise
    22 July 2016Girls Behaving Badly? An Ethnographic Exploration of Girls’ Micro Performances of Gender and Behaviour in a State Secondary School  Dawson, Lynda Margaret
    17 October 2014Giving Children a Chance to be Children: Care, Memory and Identity in the Countryside  Tverin, Tea Marika
    7 August 2018Giving Metamaterials a Hand  Barr, Lauren
    27 April 2020Glacial-interglacial response of the global overturning circulation to southern forcing; carbon cycle applications  Baker, J
    30 June 2011Glass Poly-Vinyl-Phosphonate Cements with Reactive Aluminium Hydroxide Coated Sub-micron Anatase Filler  Brookbank, Paul A.
    16 May 2018Global Aspirations and Local Obligations: An Ethnographic Exploration of Classed and Gendered Identities in Three Delhi Primary School Communities  Arnold, Benjamin Mark
    30 September 2014Global warming: Carbon-nutrient interactions and warming effects on soil carbon dynamics  Asandei, Ancuta
    20 July 2020Globalisation and the Rurality of Everyday Life: Cases Study of Guangdong, China  Wu, X
    23 May 2022Glycolytic and unique energy producing enzymes of trematode parasites are potential drug targets: bioinformatics and structural studies  Kontellas, G
    5 August 2019Goal Flexibility as a Predictor of Depression, Rumination and Homesickness in Students  Bachu, M
    15 July 2014God, Evolution and the Problem of Evil:Towards a Solution  White, Derek John
    13 January 2020Gods and Goods: Psychoanalysis, Holism and Modernist Women  Tomcic, A
    15 July 2015Going beyond the Domestic Sphere: Women’s Literature for Children, 1856-1902  Kim, Koeun