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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    28 September 2009New School Geographies: Engaging young people?  Griffiths, Helen Gwyneth
    2 March 2009New ultrasonic methods for detecting damage in metals and composite materials  Armitage, Peter R.
    14 January 2019New York City in Early Films: An Iconographical and Iconological Analysis  Falvey, E
    1 September 2016Next generation approaches to polysaccharide preparation for Burkholderia pseudomallei vaccine development.  Baldwin, Victoria Mae
    3 August 2020Next Generation Optical Analysis for Agrochemical Research & Development  Gaunt, N
    26 February 2010Nicolas Roeg/Chromatic Cartography  Patch, Andrew Mark
    29 September 2011Nietzsche's Monster of Energy: The Self-Creation of the Great Man  Townsend, Simon
    10 January 2011NMR Spectral Analysis of Ascorbate-Deficient Mutants of Arabidopsis Thaliana  Charles Johnson, Felicia
    18 March 2019No Marching in the Streets of Saudi Arabia: Bringing Society Back In  Alghannam, H
    17 January 2022No masters, no crops: A long-term archaeological and satellite imagery study of forager societies in the Camarones Basin (Northern Chile), ca 3700 – 400 BP  Oyaneder Rodriguez, A
    14 October 2019Non-compliance and the circulation of mistrust in the UK immigration system.  Pinkowska, P
    6 June 2018Non-contact vision-based deformation monitoring on bridge structures  Xu, Yan
    12 April 2013Non-Equilibrium Phenomena in Graphene  Hornett, Samuel M.
    23 March 2017Non-invasive near-field THz imaging using a single pixel detector  Stantchev, Rayko Ivanov
    17 June 2014Non-investment, the Lack of English Fluency of Well-educated Professional Chinese Immigrants in Anglophone Canada  Zhang, Fan
    2 December 2019Nonlinear optical effects in two dimensional and thin film materials  Tollerton, C
    8 September 2008Nonlinear solutions of the amplitude equations governing fluid flow in rotating spherical geometries  Blockley, Edward William
    12 October 2009Nonlinear synchrony dynamics of neuronal bursters  al Azad, Abul Kalam
    1 September 2015Nonviolence as Impure Praxis – Reconstructing the Concept with Aldo Capitini  Baldoli, Roberto