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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    16 November 2010Perceived Exertion Relationships and Prediction of Peak Oxygen Uptake in Able-bodied and Paraplegic Individuals  Al-Rahamneh, Harran Qoblan Mefleh
    8 March 2010Perceived Exertion Relationships in Adults and Children  Lambrick, Danielle Marie
    1 December 2016Perception, Attention, Imagery: Samuel Beckett and the Psychological Experiment  Powell, Joshua George
    27 September 2012Perceptions and Understandings of the Roles of Businesses as Corporate Citizens in a Post-Conflict Society: The Bosnia and Herzegovina Case  McMickle, Padraic
    6 September 2010Perceptions of Blended Learning in Saudi Universities  Alebaikan, Reem A.
    15 February 2021Perceptions of Cruise Tourism and its Impact on Tourism-Related Businesses: A Case Study in Penang, Malaysia  Mhd Rashid, M
    5 December 2013Perceptions of effective language teaching in Iran  Arfa Kaboodvand, Mandana
    21 February 2011Perceptions of Kuwaiti EFL Student-Teachers towards EFL Writing and Methods of Teaching and Learning EFL writing  Kamil, Intissar Sami Abdul-Hafid
    1 March 2016Perceptions of Schoolteachers’ Involvement in Educational Decision-Making in the State of Qatar  Abu-Shawish, Reem Khalid
    31 January 2017Performance Analysis and Optimisation of In-network Caching for Information-Centric Future Internet  Wang, Haozhe
    28 September 2020Performance Counter Measurements of Data Structures: Implementations for Multi-Objective Optimisation  Candia, S
    13 October 2017Performance Enhancement of Building-Integrated Concentrator Photovoltaic System Using Phase Change Materials  Sharma, Shivangi
    23 September 2019Performance Evaluation of Semi-transparent CdTe Thin Film Photovoltaic for Building Façade Applications  Alrashidi, H
    7 May 2008Performance Management in Government: A Comparative Study of the UK and Korea  Ko, Woong-Joe
    3 January 2017Performance Modeling and Analysis of Wireless Local Area Networks with Bursty Traffic  Najjari, Noushin
    5 January 2017Performance Modelling and Resource Allocation of the Emerging Network Architectures for Future Internet  Miao, Wang
    14 February 2013Performance, Performance Persistence and Fund Flows: UK Equity Unit Trusts/Open-Ended Investment Companies vs. UK Equity Unit-Linked Personal Pension Funds  Clark, James Peter
    29 November 2016Performing Alterity: The Translocal Politics of an Urban Youth Music Scene in Post-Oslo Palestine  Withers, Polly
    4 November 2016Performing Delhi: Understanding the street through Marxist, feminist and ritual theatres  Arora, Swati
    18 February 2016Performing Ethnographic Encounters: Walking in Contemporary Delhi  Murali, Sharanya