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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 October 2008Recovery and analysis of director profiles in liquid crystal cells  Cornford, Stephen Leslie
    22 February 2011Recovery of Lithium from China Clay Waste Using a Combination of Froth Flotation, Magnetic Separation, Roasting and Leaching  Siame, Edward
    21 July 2009Recreation and Representation: The Middle Ages on Film (1950-2006)  Elliott, Andrew Brian Ross
    30 September 2013Red Blood Cell as an Elastic Probe: Interaction with Drugs and Toxins  Gologan, Petre
    4 October 2021Red Blood Cell Membrane: Organisation, Mechanics and Biochemical Signalling  McGill, B
    10 January 2017Redressing Clothing in the Hebrew Bible: Material-Cultural Approaches  Wagstaff, Bethany Joy
    30 June 2014Reducing the Occurrence of Flooding through the Effective Management of Sewer Blockages  Hillas, Trefor Tamblyn
    17 August 2010Reference Object Choice in Spatial Language: Machine and Human Models  Barclay, Michael John
    1 April 2009Reflection in Education: An Exploration of EFL Teachers' Conceptions of Reflective Practice in the UAE  Constantinou, Helen
    21 April 2017Reflections on Current Directions in Leadership Research: A reflexive-ethnographic examination of leader–follower and group dynamics in an International Human Rights Based Organization  Albuloshi, Fatemah Mohammed K
    28 September 2016Reform of Higher Education within the context of the Knowledge Economy and Societal Change in Egypt  Abu Zayed, Ahmed
    14 September 2020Reforming Copyright Law to Encourage Creativity in Kenya: A Comparative Study of Kenya, the United Kingdom and the United States  Kimani, P
    8 April 2019Reframing Benefits of Equid Assisted Activities: An analysis of engagement between autistic children and donkeys  Whitham Jones, M
    21 July 2017Regime and Learning Shifts in Fiscal Policy Coordination under Economic and Monetary Union  Kamkhaji, Jonathan Camillo
    20 August 2014Regime Security and Kyrgyz Foreign Policy  Toktomushev, Kemel
    13 February 2013Regulating the diffusion of renewable energy technologies: Interactions between community energy and the feed-in tariff in the UK  Nolden, Colin
    25 July 2016Regulating the regulations and harmonizing the disharmonized: Challenges and issues of regulatory environmental hazard and risk assessments of chemicals  Lillicrap, Adam
    1 June 2017Regulation of angiogenic processes in omental endothelial cells during metastasis of epithelial ovarian cancer  Pranjol, Md Zahidul Islam
    10 December 2012Reimagining Bombay: Postcolonial Poetry and Urban Space  Bird, Emma Jade
    31 March 2017Reintroduction ecology of the Eurasian crane Grus grus  Soriano Redondo, Andrea