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    19 July 2021What’s in a label? An exploration of how people acquire the label ‘autistic’ in adulthood and the consequences of doing so  Lister, T
    26 August 2014When can Non-climate Frames Generate Public Support for Climate Policy?  Walker, Benjamin James Andrew
    30 June 2016When our Senses Dance: Sensory-Somatic Awareness in Contemporary Approaches to Odissi Dance in India  Sen, Sabina Sweta
    21 October 2019Where are the parents? An exploration and examination of parental involvement of mothers of girls with learning disabilities in primary mainstream schools in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  Binammar, S
    17 February 2020Whitehall Warriors: The Political Fight for the Royal Air Force, 1917–29  Gardner, S
    11 November 2009Who Cared for the Carers? A Study of the Occupational Health of General and Mental Health Nurses 1890 to 1948  Palmer, Deborah Lyn
    1 May 2008Who is to Blame for Women’s Lower Pay? A Contextual Approach to the Gender Pay Gap in Managerial Positions  Kulich, Clara
    2 November 2009Who is watching you, and why? A social identity analysis of surveillance  O'Donnell, Aisling Therese
    21 October 2019Who wins when the competition heats up? Effects of climate change on interactions among three Antarctic penguin species  Clewlow, H
    19 April 2012Whole School Inclusion: A Case Study of Two Secondary Schools in Cameroon  Thomas, Ndame
    24 August 2020Why (Almost) Everything that Happened was Constitutional: Towards a New Paradigm for Constitutional Theory and History with Case Studies on the English Royal Minorities  Gates, S
    30 June 2015Why and How Authoritarian Regimes Produce Narratives of Governance: Discourse and Policy Narratives in Libya (2003-2010)  Buera, Anas Abubakr Mustafa
    17 August 2012Why are Looked After Children fixed term excluded from school? Using Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis to understand the process  Coles, Thomas
    17 April 2014Why Can't all Males be Attractive? Inter-individual Variation in Male Spotted Bowerbird Display  Isden, Jessica Rose
    4 January 2017Why can't they be more like us? Baptism and Conversion in Sixteenth-Century Spain.  Roland, Carla E
    25 March 2015Why do intelligent and experienced boards make poor decisons? The Irish Banking Crisis Case Study.  Abrahams, Gary Roy
    30 October 2013Why do People Worry and Ruminate? Investigating Factors that Maintain Repetitive Negative Thought  Kingston, Rosemary Emeline Fluellen
    7 May 2013Why don't all trauma survivors develop PTSD? A multi-method exploration of resilience.  Le Fort, Vivien
    30 October 2009Why Is Cornwall So Poor? Narrative, Perception and Identity  Willett, Joanie
    8 May 2012Why People in Haematological and Oncological Care Avoid or Delay Seeking Medical Treatment for Infections Caused by Low White Blood Cell Counts  Talbot, Marc Robert