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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    3 October 2014D/discourse Analysis: Using Multiple Lenses for Researching Curriculum, Sustainability and Agency in the Context of Higher Education Texts and Talk.  Wayman, Susan Caroline
    23 September 2019Dampening and Amplifying Cognitive Appraisals in Anhedonia: An investigation of which psychological mechanisms build or hinder positive affect in adolescence.  Yilmaz, M
    4 May 2021Damping Behaviour of Slender Telecommunications Structures  Jimenez Capilla, JA
    24 May 2016Damselfish in Distress: an exploration of context-dependent stress responses of coral reef fish exposed to anthropogenic noise  Armstrong-Smith, Emily Francesca
    13 May 2019Damsels and distress: Factors affecting Haemulidae distribution on Bahamian reefs  Smith, M
    30 November 2011Dangerous Sexualities: The Construction of Sexual Knowledge in Egypt, 1800-1928  ElSayed, Sherry Sayed Gad Elrab
    28 April 2015Daring to do things differently: How leadership enables a successful business to minimise negative ecological impact  Chapman, Susan Ann
    16 September 2017Dark Earth Plant Management in the Lower Tapajos  Alves, Daiana Travassos
    31 January 2014Darwinism’s Applications in Modern Chinese Writings  Chou, Hsiu-Feng
    31 August 2021Data Analytics for Automated Near Real Time Detection of Blockages in Smart Wastewater Systems  Rosin, T
    2 September 2016Data Driven Models of Blockage Likelihood in the Wastewater Network  Bailey, James Richard
    11 February 2019Data-Driven Approaches for Near Real-Time Forecasting of Discolouration Events in Pipe Networks  Meyers, G
    13 July 2020Data-driven Operations & Maintenance for Offshore Wind Farms: Tools and Methodologies  Koltsidopoulos Papatzimos, A
    7 May 2015David Jones and Rome: Reimagining the Decline of Western Civilisation  Hunter Evans, Jasmine Louise
    18 July 2014Day-to-Day Engagement: A Study of the Complexities of Climate Change Engagement in the Context of Day-to-day Life  Rose, Lucy
    23 November 2010De-Coding Mammon : Money in Need of Redemption  Dominy, Peter
    21 September 2017Dead Letter Law Arising from Strategic Choices: The Difficulty of Achieving Accountability for the Jus in Bello Rules on Proportionality and Precautions in Attack  Trew, Noel
    1 May 2016Debating al-Ḥākimiyyah and Takfīr in Salafism: The Genesis of Intra-Salafī Schism in the 1990s  Mimouni, Abdelghani
    12 September 2014Decentralised Electricity and its Implications for the Governance of UK Energy Security  Allen, John Oakley
    12 October 2016Decision Making Methods for Water Resources Management Under Deep Uncertainty  Roach, Thomas Peter