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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    10 February 2020Each According to His Manner: Latinate Chroniclers in England 1377–1422  Marsh, HFT
    12 November 2012Early development and the honesty of aposematic signals in a poison frog  Flores De Gracia, Eric Enrique
    31 August 2010Early Development of Foreign Direct Investment in the Travel Trade Industry of China: 1998 to 2007  Yu, Jian
    29 December 2014Early Girls’ Marriage in Tajikistan: Causes and Continuity  Bakhtibekova, Zulfiya
    28 September 2011Early Muslim Traditionalism: A Critical Study of the Works and Political Theology of Ahmad Ibn Hanbal  Al Sarhan, Saud Saleh
    4 April 2016Early stage drug discovery screening for novel compounds active against the persister phenotype in Burkholderia thailandensis.  Barker, Samuel Peter
    8 March 2018Early use and production technologies of iron in Southwest China  Li, Yu Niu
    26 June 2015Early Warning Signals of Environmental Tipping Points  Boulton, Christopher Andrew
    30 June 2016Early-warning indicators for tipping points  Ritchie, Paul David Longden Jr
    22 February 2018Eating well: Understanding and shaping the mealtime experience of older adults in residential care  Watkins, Ross
    30 November 2015Echoes of the Fall of the Umayyads in Traditional and Modern Sources: A Case Study of the Final Eight Years of the Umayyad Empire with Some Reference to Gramsci’s Theory of Cultural Hegemony  Bennaji, Yousef
    8 August 2008Eco-efficient friction materials  Sloan, Michael Sloan
    24 June 2016Eco-Fiction: Bringing Climate Change into the Imagination  David, Sophia
    4 June 2010Ecological and anthropogenic constraints on waterbirds of the Forth Estuary: population and behavioural responses to disturbance  Dwyer, Ross G.
    9 January 2015Ecological and evolutionary implications of shapes during population expansion  Coles, Christopher Lee
    14 September 2015Ecological conditions leading to the seep of antibiotic resistance genes in the model-type bacterium Escherichia coli  Reding Roman, Rafael Carlos
    16 March 2020Ecological implications of motorboat noise on coral reef fish communities  Weschke, E
    21 December 2015Ecological patterns in plant defence chemistry and herbivore responses in natural populations of Brassica oleracea  Goodey, Nicole Ann
    23 May 2017Ecological Politics and Practices in Introduced Species Management  Crowley, Sarah Louise
    11 December 2014Ecological Responses to Climate Variability in West Cornwall  Kosanic, Aleksandra