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    30 September 2013Galen in Early Modern English Medicine: Case-studies in History, Pharmacology and Surgery 1618-1794  Jarman, Lisa Charlotte
    4 January 2011Galleries and Drift: Mapping Undermined Landscapes  Liu-Devereux, Pauline Carol
    25 March 2014Galois covers of arithmetic curves of type (p, ..., p)  Williams, Nicholas John
    24 June 2016Gap year travel as a social practice: A study of long-haul flying in the age of climate change.  Luzecka, Paulina Monika
    4 October 2010Gender and Conflict Transformation in Palestine: Between Local and International Agendas  Richter-Devroe, Sophie
    15 December 2017Gender Distorting Genre Distorting Gender: Exploring Women's Rock Musicking Practices in Contemporary Portugal  Alberto, Rita Sofia Grácio
    21 November 2013Gender Equality & Development after Violent Conflicts: The Effects of Gender Policies in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq  Ranharter, Katherine
    8 May 2012Gendered Differences in Perceived Emotion: The Impact on Clinical Diagnoses and Treatment  Bunting, Jennifer
    25 March 2019General Principles of Consumer Protection in E-Commerce Trade: A Comparative Study between Islamic Law and EU Laws  Al-Mamari, S
    20 September 2021Generalising history matching for enhanced calibration of computer models  Xu, W
    1 September 2016Generating genomic resources for two crustacean species and their application to the study of White Spot Disease  Verbruggen, Bas
    21 November 2016Genetic and Functional Characterisation of pTet-like Plasmids of Campylobacter jejuni  Gori, Andrea
    24 July 2017Genetic and molecular mechanisms of early embryonic patterning in Danio rerio, Oryzias latipes and Kryptolebias marmoratus  Almatwari, Hussein Abed Saud
    12 April 2013Genetic assessment of connectivity in the temperate octocorals Eunicella verrucosa and Alcyonium digitatum in the NE Atlantic  Holland, Lyndsey Paula
    14 October 2019Genetic diversity and structure in European bumblebee (Bombus spp.) populations.  Hedges, S
    3 August 2017Genetic engineering of cell wall melanin biosynthesis in the emerging human pathogen Lomentospora prolificans  Al-laaeiby, Ayat Ibrahiem Esmaeel
    9 July 2010Genetic Influences on Parental Care in Nicrophorus vespilloides  Bird, Chloe J
    28 September 2012Genetic patterns in forest antelope populations: implications for the conservation of key species in the Udzungwa Mountains, Tanzania  Bowkett, Andrew Edward
    24 August 2015Genetic programming and cellular automata for fast flood modelling on multi-core CPU and many-core GPU computers  Gibson, Michael John
    3 July 2007Genetic sex: “a symbolic struggle against reality?” Exploring genetic and genomic knowledge in sex discourses  Holme, Ingrid