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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    20 December 2012H. P. Blavatsky's Theosophy in Context: The Construction of Meaning in Modern Western Esotericism  Rudbøg, Tim
    14 September 2016Habitat scale variability in the rates of coral reef carbonate framework production and bioerosion on Grand Cayman  Murphy, Gary Noel
    22 June 2020Hairwork in Victorian Literature and Culture: Matter, Form, Craft  Hind, H
    21 September 2016Hamas' political transformation and engagement, 2003-2013  Bao, Hsiu-Ping
    22 February 2018Hand in Hand Tropical Cyclones and Climate Change: Investigating the Response of Tropical Cyclones to the Warming World  Arora, Kopal
    13 July 2020Hanging Them Up - Depictions of Retirement in Contemporary American Boxing Novels; and the novel Bruise  Markle, A
    30 September 2011Hard to reach? Young people’s experiences and understandings of the post-16 transition  Moore, Darren Andrew
    24 April 2012Hat problem on a graph  Krzywkowski, Marcin Piotr
    9 January 2018Hazel Dormouse ecology and conservation in woodlands  Goodwin, Cecily Erica Diana
    27 January 2011HBO: Brand Management and Subscriber Aggregation: 1972-2007  James, Gareth Andrew
    20 April 2015Health and Wellbeing Impacts Associated With Active Participation In Community Gardens, In The Context Of Sustainable Development  Harvey, Gwen
    12 July 2021Health and Wellbeing in Competitive Adolescent Distance Runners: Training Load, Health Problems, and Psychosocial Response to Injury  Mann, R
    2 March 2012Health Consciousness, Running and Female Bodies: An Ethnographic Study of 'Active Ageing'  Griffin, Meridith
    14 October 2019Health service transitions for young people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): investigating information provision and United Kingdom adult ADHD service availability  Price, A
    8 January 2018Health, Balance, and Women’s ‘Dual Role’ in Britain, 1945-1963  Cooper, Frederick George
    10 January 2022Healthy Green Schools: Investigating how schools can nurture healthier and more environmentally aware young people  Proctor, R
    15 April 2019Hearing Nemo: Alarm Calling Behaviour in a Coral Reef Fish  Davidson, IK
    3 August 2020Heat loss from colonies of bumblebees: mechanisms and consequences  Constable, C
    20 October 2017Heavy metal pollution and co-selection for antibiotic resistance: a microbial palaeontology approach  Dickinson, Andrew William
    11 May 2018Helping Athletes meet the Challenge: Determinants of Challenge and Threat Responses  Sammy, Nadine Soraya