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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    22 June 2015Karolos Koun, the Hellenic Art Theatre and the practice via Stanislavsky’s influence: a research towards a contemporary interpretation of ancient Hellenic drama.  Chouliaras, George
    1 April 2007KATHERINE MANSFIELD: THE VIEW FROM FRANCE  Kimber, Geraldine Maria
    9 October 2009Kernels for Protein Homology Detection  Spalding, John Dylan
    1 June 2020Key Stage 2 teacher assessment of writing: exploring aspects of validity.  Clarkson, R
    31 August 2012Kinformation. Gamete Donation and the Constitution of Kinship through Knowledge-Management in Britain and Germany  Klotz, Maren Ika Ursula
    20 December 2011Knowing in Context: A Postcolonial Analysis of Contemporary Leadership Development and Leadership Education  Iwowo, Vanessa
    15 October 2018Knowledge and knowers of the past: A study in the philosophy of evolutionary biology.  Bonnin, Thomas
    6 November 2014Knowledge Sharing in Pulsating Organisations: The Experiences of Music Festival Volunteers  Clayton, Diana
    15 August 2017Kurdish Women and Traditional Healing in the Diyarbakır Province: Health, Medical Pluralism and Violence.  Buffon, Veronica
    16 November 2012Kurdistan: A Land of Longing and Struggle Analysis of ‘Home-land’ and ‘Identity’ in the Kurdish Novelistic Discourse from Turkish Kurdistan to its Diaspora (1984-2010)  Galip, Ozlem
    17 June 2013Kuwaiti foreign policy in light of the Iraqi invasion,with particular reference to Kuwait’s policy towards Iraq, 1990-2010  Alazemi, Talal Zaid A