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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    21 February 2011O2 uptake kinetics as a determinant of exercise tolerance  Bailey, Stephen J.
    16 September 2019Object Tracking in Video with Part-Based Tracking by Feature Sampling  De Ath, G
    10 January 2012Observational properties of brown dwarfs. The low-mass end of the mass function.  Cardoso, Catia Vanessa Varejao
    21 June 2017Observing the On-going Formation of Planets and its Effects on Their Parent Discs  Willson, Matthew Alexander
    27 October 2015Oil, Politics and Regional Development In Nigeria: A Comparison of The South-South And The South-West Regions  Eghweree, Ogheneruonah Charles
    10 September 2013Old Problems Re-opened : R. G. Collingwood and the History of Ideas  Fear, Christopher
    26 July 2018Older patients with odontoid process and cervical spine fractures: evaluating clinical risk factors, clinical pathways and treatment to prevent further fracture.  Fuller, Naomi
    18 June 2012Oman's Maritime Doctrine  Aljabri, Khamis Salim Sulaiman
    22 January 2018On Hopf-Galois Structures and Skew Braces of Order p^3  Nejabati Zenouz, Kayvan
    2 February 2010On Perceptions of the Socialising Effects of English-Medium Education on Students at a Gulf Arab University with Particular Reference to the United Arab Emirates  Karmani, Sohail
    3 July 2013On Repairing Sentences: An Experimental and Computational Analysis of Recovery from Unexpected Syntactic Disambiguation in Sentence Parsing  Green, Matthew James
    1 August 1997On the automorphism group of various Goppa codes  Wesemeyer, Stephan
    10 August 2017On the Birational Section Conjecture over Function Fields  Tyler, Michael Peter
    19 June 2013On the dynamic pressure response of the brain during blunt head injury: modelling and analysis of the human injury potential of short duration impact  Pearce, Christopher W.
    30 September 2011On the Dynamics of Coral Reef Fishes: Growth, Senescence and Mortality  O'Farrell, Shay
    22 September 2010On the fragmentation of self-gravitating discs  Meru, Farzana Karim
    10 May 2011On the generation and characterisation of internal micro-architectures  Raymont, David Richard
    23 September 2016On the historical contingency of medical knowledge  Binney, Nicholas Roy
    1 November 2016On the infringements associated with the United Kingdom’s transposition of European Council Directive 2009/103/EC of 1 September 2009 on motor insurance  Bevan, Nicholas