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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    20 June 2016Painful Transformations: A Medical Approach to Experience, Life Cycle and Text in British Library, Additional MS 61823, 'The Book of Margery Kempe'  Williams, Laura Elizabeth
    16 February 2009Palaeosalinity change in the Taw Estuary, south-west England: response to late Holocene river discharge and relative sea-level change.  Havelock, Glenn Michael
    9 April 2014Palestinian Political Factions: An Everyday Perspective  Issa, Perla
    23 April 2019Pansentient Monism: Formulating Panpsychism as a Genuine Psycho-Physical Identity Theory  Hughes, P
    28 September 2009Paper 1 - An investigation into transfer provision for children and young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.Paper 2 - The effects of school transfer for children and young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, focussing on positive and negative emotions reported by parents, schools and pupils  King, Stephanie
    19 March 2013Parameterizing the Antarctic stable boundary layer: synthesising models and observations  Walesby, Kieran Tristan
    7 May 2015Parental Adjustment in Paediatric Acquired Brain Injury  Hocking, Sian Elin
    21 December 2017Parental Investment across an Altitudinal Gradient in Blue Tits (Cyanistes caeruleus)  Bruendl, Aisha Colleen
    18 October 2013Parental self-compassion, attributions of child behaviour and sensitive responding  Legge, Katherine
    8 May 2012Parenting, head injury and aggression: Predictive pathways of offending in male young offenders  Hodges, Emma
    25 April 2017Parody and Parôidia: A Study in Literary Genre and Mode  Martin, Paul S
    22 November 2017Participating in a shared cognitive space: An exploration of working collaboratively and longer-term performance of a complex grammatical structure  Scotland, James
    16 February 2016Passive and Active Currency Portfolio Optimisation  Zuo, Fei
    23 April 2012Passive scalar mixing in chaotic flows with boundaries  Zaggout, Fatma Altuhami
    20 October 2014Pastoral Eschatological Exegesis in Burchard of Worms’ Decretum.  House, George David Capability
    4 May 2012Paternal Depression, Expressed Emotion and Child Emotional and Behavioural Problems  Butler, Lucy Marie
    15 March 2011Pathogenicity Determinants of Fusarium graminearum on Wheat Ears  Beacham, Andrew Mark
    26 April 2017Pathways to power in the southern Brazilian highlands: Households, communities and status at Southern Proto-Jê pit house settlements  De Souza, Jonas Gregorio
    25 July 2007Patrick Dewaere and gender identity in Giscardian France (1974-1981)  Birchall, Bridget
    26 January 2016Patterns and Drivers of Recent Peatland Carbon Accumulation in Northeastern Canada  Sanderson, Nicole Katherine