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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    14 April 2014Vaccination of badgers and the control of TB  Wielochowski, Alexander Daniel
    7 September 2017Validity and Effect of Exclusion Clauses Against Third Parties in Motor Insurance  Channon, Matthew Raymond
    11 March 2008Valuable Ecologies: A Geography of Angling  Bull, Jacob Andrew
    6 September 2021Valuation of Energy Preferences and Health Risks  Nduka, EK
    16 April 2015Value and Time: Exploring Individual Processes of Value Creation in Two Cycling Groups  Smith, David Anthony
    25 May 2010Value Co-Creation Process: Reconciling S-D Logic of Marketing and Consumer Culture Theory within the Co-Consuming Group  Pongsakornrungsilp, Siwarit
    31 March 2011Valuing archaeology; exploring the reality of the heritage management of England’s wetlands  Fletcher, William
    25 January 2012Valuing Domestic Contributions: A Search for a Solution for Family Law  Garland, Fae Sinead
    20 April 2020Van der Waals heterostructures with photo-oxidised high- κ dielectrics  Escolar Ulibarri, JEU
    26 November 2009Variable versus Fixed Rate Mortgages and Optimal Monetary Policy  Rogers, Jack
    22 May 2017Variation in the effect of corvid predation on songbird populations  Capstick, Lucy
    20 January 2016Variation in the immune response of badgers and the diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis  Waring, Laura Jane
    22 November 2021Variation in the Regime: The Struggle for Internal Political Legitimacy in Egypt, 2013-2019.  Polimeno, MG
    6 June 2017Variation in the Use of Prepositions in Quebec French  Latimer, Elizabeth
    20 October 2011Variation of parasite burden within the European badger (Meles meles): the effect of season, habitat, body condition, gender & age on the prevalence of Eimeria melis and Capillaria  Cottrell, Elizabeth Rosemarie Anne
    28 August 2013Variation Syntaxique Dans le Français Multiculturel du Cinéma de Banlieue  Dekhissi, Laurie
    7 May 2013Vegetation Change and Water, Sediment and Carbon Dynamics in Semi-Arid Environments  Puttock, Alan Keith
    29 March 2021Vegetation structure and function measurement and modelling using drone based sensing techniques  Fawcett, D
    21 June 2013Venture Capital Industry Emergence in Transition Economies – Polish Experience  Kalinowska-Beszczynska, Olga
    28 March 2014Venturing into a Vanishing Space: Representations of Palestine in Jewish-American and Arab Novels  Aljahdali, Samar Hameed H