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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    4 September 2013Accurate Differentiation of Trichosporon Asahii and Trichosporon Asteroides from other Human Pathogenic Yeasts and Moulds by using Highly Specific Monoclonal Antibodies  Davies, Genna Elizabeth
    1 February 2010Achaemenid and Greco-Macedonian Inheritances in the Semi-Hellenised Kingdoms of Eastern Asia Minor  Ghita, Cristian Emilian
    11 February 2019Acoustic Emission Technology for Engineering Health Monitoring of a Wave Energy Converter  Walsh, J
    30 September 2014Acoustic Metamaterials: ‘The Influence of Boundary Effects on Resonant Acoustic Transmission through a Thin Slit’  Lovelock, Ruth Kathleen
    3 August 2017Acoustoelectric Properties of Graphene and Graphene Nanostructures  Poole, Timothy
    25 May 2015Acoustoelectric Transport in Graphene  Bandhu, Lokeshwar
    26 November 2013The Acquisition of Skill in Early Flaked Stone Technologies: An Experimental Study  Khreisheh, Nada Nazem
    22 May 2009Action Research of Cyclonic Transactions in Online Management Education  Creed, Andrew Shawn
    22 April 2013Action Research on the Effects of an Innovative Use of CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) on the Listening and Speaking Abilities of Chinese University Intermediate Level English Students  Liu, Xianghu
    1 November 2010Activity theory as a lens to explore participant perspectives of the administrative and academic activity systems in a university–school partnership in initial teacher education in Saudi Arabia  Alzaydi, Dhaifallah Awwadh
    30 January 2009Activity, Passivity and the Politics of Will and Disposition in the Thought of John Locke and Jean Jacques Rousseau: A Philosophical and Contextual Examination of Locke’s and Rousseau’s Theories of Volition and their Moral and Political Significance  Thompson, Benjamin Christopher
    3 November 2011Acute effects of exercise on self-regulation of snacking-related variables among habitual snackers  Oh, Hwajung
    4 May 2011Adaptation in a Post-Digital Age  Gaunt, Joshua Tristan Jamison
    1 February 2012Adaptation of Thai Traditional Plays in a Contemporary Context  Diteeyont, Sawita
    3 June 2013Adapting Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Interventions for Anxiety or Depression to Meet the Needs of People with Long-term Physical Health Conditions: A Mixed-Methods Study  Hadert, Aimee
    9 July 2012Adapting to Deficiency: Addiction and the Therapeutic Power of Occupation  Wasmuth, Sara
    16 September 2013Adaptive Water Distribution System Design under Future Uncertainty  Basupi, Innocent
    28 May 2010Addressing the need for school based support for Bereavement and Loss: Perceptions, Experiences and Intervention  Thomas, Wendy Anne
    23 May 2012Addressing the needs of young people identified to be experiencing behavioural, emotional and social difficulties: A study of ‘in-city’ support and multi-agency working  Wilkinson, Jodie
    24 December 2013Adjustment of International Students in a UK University: Reasons for Study Abroad and Subsequent Academic and Socio-cultural Experiences  Chien, Yu-Yi