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Recent Submissions

  • Writing Talk: Developing Metalinguistic Understanding through Dialogic Teaching 

    Myhill, DA; Newman, R (Routledge, 2019)
    Research in the teaching of writing has long highlighted the importance of metacognition in writing because writing as a process needs to be self-monitored (Kellogg 1984), it requires high-level metacognitive rhetorical ...
  • Newton's Scaffolding: the instrumental roles of his optical hypotheses 

    Walsh, KE (Routledge, 11 March 2019)
    Early modern experimental philosophers often appear to commit to, and utilise, corpuscular and mechanical hypotheses. This is somewhat mysterious: such hypotheses frequently appear to be simply assumed, odd for a research ...
  • How Many Colours? 

    Walsh, KE (Springer, 25 November 2017)
    Isaac Newton’s first optical paper (published in the Philosophical Transactions in February 1672) was controversial: Newton argued for a new theory of light and colour when no one else thought the old one was inadequate, ...
  • Newton: from certainty to probability? 

    Walsh, K (University of Chicago Press / Philosophy of Science Association, 1 December 2017)
    Newton’s earliest publications contained scandalous epistemological claims: not only did he aim for certainty; he also claimed success. Some commentators argue that Newton ultimately gave up claims of certainty in favor ...
  • Principles in Newton's Natural Philosophy 

    Walsh, KE (Routledge, 7 April 2017)
    Newton’s great work of ‘rational mechanics’ is supposedly about principles. They’re even in the title: Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica. However, Newton’s use of the term ‘principle’ appears to be unsystematic ...

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