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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2015Bajo el peso de la ley: una explicación del éxito de la extrema derecha durante la crisis griega.  Dinas, E; Rori, L
    2015Begriff und Wahrnehmung von Atmosphären  Hauskeller, Michael
    13 September 2018Belief, Belonging and the Role of Schools in Reducing the Risk of Home-Grown Extremism  Roffey, S; Boyle, C
    10 July 2015Between Hegel and Rumi: Iqbal’s Contrapuntal Encounters with the Islamic Philosophical traditions  Rizvi, SH
    16 August 2018Biotech 3DP Digital Watermarking: An ‘uncanny valley’ in the Prosthetic State  Griffin, JGH
    26 November 2019Bois y cobs : The place of autochthonous horses in rural Welsh cultural identity  Hurn, S
    2019Bracing for Impact: Is Public Administration Ready to be Relevant?  Dunlop, CA
    2015Brüche in der Stufenleiter der Natur.Diversität in der Naturgeschichte 1758-1859  Muller-Wille, SEW
    1 October 2017Building Organizational Political Capacity Through Policy Learning: Communicating with Citizens on Health and Safety in the UK  Dunlop, CA
    2013Calling out to tune in: Radio Free Europe in Czechoslovakia  Hagen, Trever
    13 December 2017Carrier Liability under the Rotterdam Rules  Nousia, KP
    2020The Case of the Eight Turkish Military Personnel who Sought Asylum in Greece after the Failed 2016 Coup Attempt in Turkey: Fair Trial as a Reason Precluding Non-Refoulement and (Stricto Sensu) Proportionality  Tzevelekos, V; Kagiaros, D
    1 October 2018Central Asia: Fractured region, illiberal regionalism  Lewis, DG
    2010Central Asian statehood in post-colonial perspective  Heathershaw, John
    1 July 2009Centralising Labels to Distribute Data: The Regulatory Role of Genomic Consortia.  Leonelli, Sabina
    12 December 2005The chains that bind?  Rappert, Brian
    31 July 2010The challenge of fragmentation of international law regarding the protection of civilians: an Islamic perspective  Van Engeland, Anicee
    26 January 2017Childhood, Faith and the Future: religious education and ‘national character’ in the Second World War  Parker, SG; Freathy, R
    23 March 2020The Church of England and religious education during the twentieth century  Parker, SG; Freathy, R
    2020Climate Change and the Individual in the UK  Bouwer, K