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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2009“Born out of crisis”: assessing the legacy of the Exmoor moorland management agreements.  Lobley, Matt; Winter, Michael
    1 March 2021A bottom up approach to slowing fashion: tailored solutions for consumers  West, J; Saunders, C; Willett, J
    24 October 2014A Breath of Fresh Air: Absence and the Structure of Olfactory Perception.  Roberts, Tom
    10 March 2020A broken notion: impact of modern technologies on product liability  Luzak, J
    18 February 2021A Broom to the Head: “Cleaning Day” and the Aesthetics of Emergence in Dakar  Poleykett, B
    29 November 2019A bystander programme to prevent domestic violence and abuse in UK general communities: evaluation of Active Bystander Communities  Gainsbury, A; Fenton, R
    2016A call for a doctrine of 'information justice'  Griffin, James G.H.
    1 May 2019A case study in Biblical interpretation: knowledge, knower and knowing (part 2)  John, H; Freathy, R
    15 August 2014'Clearly Necessary', 'Wonderful' and 'Engrossing'? Mass observation correspondents discuss forensic technologies  Wilson-Kovacs, Dana
    29 January 2017A co-creativity theoretical framework to foster and evaluate the presence of wise humanising creativity in virtual learning environments (VLEs)  Walsh, CS; Chappell, K; Craft, A
    1 May 2017A comparative overview of educational psychology across continents.  Boyle, C; Lauchlan, F
    11 May 2019A comparative study of the factors shaping postsecondary aspirations for low-income students in greater Boston and greater London  Grim, J; Moore-Vissing, Q; Mountford-Zimdars, AK
    12 June 2012A comparison of prematurity and small for gestational age as risk factors for age 6–13year emotional problems  Hall, J; Wolke, D
    2 November 2018A computational anthrozoology perspective on horse-machine interaction: explored through the umamimi robotic horse ears  North, S
    5 May 2014"Constitutional Dynamics and Partisan Conflict: A Comparative Assessment of Multi-level Systems in Europe"  Bolleyer, Nicole; Swenden, W; McEwen, N
    2006"Constructive dialogue" as a cornerstone of the human rights treaty bodies supervision  Faracik, Beata
    1 May 2008A convention beyond the Convention: stigma, humanitarian standards and the Oslo Process  Rappert, Brian
    31 March 2017A corpus-based lexical analysis of Chinese medicine research articles.  Lu, C; Durrant, P
    23 March 2018“Could we meet?”: A conversation on collaboration, feeling and failure  Balmer, AS; Molyneux-Hodgson, S; Callard, F; et al.
    28 September 2017A Critical Study of Motivation and Social Constructivism in the Modern Foreign Languages Classroom  Howard, K