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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    22 June 2019Deconstructing Diagnosis: Four Commentaries on a Diagnostic Tool to Assess Individuals for Autism Spectrum Disorders  Tamimi, S; Milton, D; Bovell, V; et al.
    22 June 2019Deconstructing diagnosis: four commentaries on a diagnostic tool to assess individuals for autism spectrum disorders  Timimi, S; Milton, D; Bovell, V; et al.
    2007Decorative Motifs on Arabian Boats: Meaning and Identity  Agius, Dionisius
    10 June 2018Deepening ‘multiplicity’: A response to Rosenberg  Powel, B
    1 March 2015Defects of consent in English law: protecting the bargain?  Saintier, Severine
    2 December 2021Defending an inclusive right to genital and bodily integrity for children  Townsend, KG
    27 April 2012Defending their Land, Protecting their Men: Palestinian Women's Popular Resistance after the Second Intifada  Richter-Devroe, Sophie
    28 April 2017Delivering due process and procedural efficiency at low cost: The grail quest of international online arbitration  Martin, JB
    16 August 2013Delusions, dreams, and the nature of identification  Wilkinson, S
    1 October 2009Democracy and government performance: holding incumbents accountable in English local governments  Boyne, G; James, O; John, P; et al.
    10 July 2017Democracy and the death of shame: political equality and social disturbance  Carroll, R
    10 April 2018Democracy in Question? Direct Democracy in the European Union  Adam, EC; Kagiaros, D; Tierney, S
    9 April 2015Democratic Justice and the Boundaries Problem  Cordelli, C
    18 July 2017Democratic Partisanship: From Theoretical Ideal to Empirical Standard  Herman, LE
    27 March 2017Der Westen und die Wissenschaftliche Revolution  Muller-Wille, SEW
    20 November 2020Derationalizing delusions  Bell, V; Raihani, N; Wilkinson, S
    9 January 2016Derivational Morphology in Reading Comprehension of Chinese-speaking Learners of English: A Longitudinal Structural Equation Modeling Study  Zhang, D
    2022Des chiens “hors-la-loi”: Un regard ethnogaphique sur la condition animale en Corée du Sud  Dugnoille, J
    19 February 2021Desert Shield of the Republic? A Realist Case for Abandoning the Middle East  Blagden, D; Porter, P
    3 January 2018Design, death and energy  Michael, M