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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 July 2018Edmund Burke, Imperialist Ideologue?  Carroll, RE
    1 March 2004Educating for Europe: The knowledge and understanding of British children  Holden, Cathie
    20 December 2012Educational effectiveness approaches in early childhood research across Europe  Sammons, P; Anders, Y; Hall, J
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    16 November 2017Effective remedies in cross-border civil and commercial law disputes: a case for an institutional reform at EU level  Danov, M; Beaumont, P
    4 December 2019Effective resource management in digital forensics: an exploratory analysis of triage practices in four English constabularies  Wilson-Kovacs, D
    1 November 2013Effects of sensitive parenting on the academic resilience of very preterm and very low birth weight adolescents  Wolke, D; Jaekel, J; Hall, J; et al.
    2014EFL learners’ written reflections on their experience of attending process-based, student-centered essay writing course  Memari Hanjani, A; Li, L
    9 January 2013Egocentric and Encyclopedic Doxastic States in Delusions of Misidentification  Wilkinson, S
    2015Egypt's Strongest Insurgency: The Military Rise of Sinai Province and the Counterinsurgency Blunders Facilitating It  Ashour, Omar
    2012Elections législatives grecques de 2012 : des élections à hauts risques  Rori, L; Dinas, E
    10 March 2015Electoral Competitiveness and Turnout in British Elections, 1964-2010  Vowles, Jack; Katz, Gabriel; Stevens, Daniel P.
    29 July 2010Electoral System Change, Generations, Competitiveness and Turnout in New Zealand, 1963–2005  Vowles, Jack
    4 December 2017Elite Investments in Party Institutionalization in New Democracies: A Two-Dimensional Approach  Bolleyer, N; Ruth, S
    13 December 2017Elite Polarization and Correcting Misinformation in the “Post-Truth Era”  Boussalis, C; Coan, TG
    31 March 2020Embedding ecosystem services ideas into policy processes: an institutional analysis  Russel, D; Turnpenny, J
    14 May 2012Embedding Society in Cells: Science, Ethics and Politics in the Italian Public Debate on Stem Cell Research  Beltrame, L
    1 November 2004Embedding the literacy strategy: snapshots of change  Fisher, Ros