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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    23 October 2014Finding Fault in Organizations – Reconceptualising the Role of Senior Managers in Corporate Manslaughter  Price, Luke
    30 October 2017Finding Fault? Divorce Law and Practice in England and Wales  Trinder, EJ; Braybrook, D; Bryson, C; et al.
    16 October 2019Findings from a national study to investigate how British universities are challenging sexual violence and harassment on campus: Briefing Paper and Checklist  Chantler, K; Donovan, C; Fenton, R; et al.
    10 October 2019Fixing Federal Faults. Complementary Member State Policies in Swiss Health Care Policy  Sager, F; Rüefli, C; Thomann, E
    3 February 2020Flipping the academic conference, or how we wrote a peer-reviewed journal article in a day  Baron, I; Havercroft, J; Kamola, I; et al.
    4 August 2015Flow-chart proofs with open problems as scaffolds for learning about geometrical proofs  Miyazaki, M; Fujita, Taro; Jones, K
    1 November 2006Food production, distribution and processing in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly  Lobley, Matt; Reed, Matt; Metcalf, Roger; et al.
    28 February 2018Food Safety Policy: Transnational, Hybrid, Wicked  Thomann, E
    1 September 1999Football hooliganism and the practical paradigm  King, Anthony
    1 March 2009For and against ownership: William Godwin's theory of property  Lamb, Robert
    1 September 2000For science and for the Pope-king: writing the history of the exact sciences in nineteenth-century Rome  Mazzotti, Massimo
    1 January 2016Forensic civism: articulating science, DNA and kinship in contemporary Mexico and Colombia  Schwartz-Marin, E; Cruz-Santiago, A
    2011Forever Young? Life Extension and the Ageing Mind  Hauskeller, Michael
    4 September 2018Formulaic language in English for Academic Purposes  Durrant, P
    1 May 2013Formulaicity in an agglutinating language: the case of Turkish  Durrant, Philip
    1 May 2013Formulaicity in an agglutinating language: the case of Turkish  Durrant, Philip
    1 September 2006Fostering creativity with wisdom  Craft, Anna
    24 January 2021Fostering school connectedness online for students with special educational needs: Inclusive education in Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic  Page, A; Charteris, J; Anderson, J; et al.
    2014Foucaultian dispositifs as methodology: the case of anonymous exclusions by unique identification in India  Thomas, OD
    7 July 2020Four Cultural Narratives for Managing Social-ecological Complexity in Public Natural Resource Management  Kirsop-Taylor, NA; Hejnowicz, AP; Scott, K